3D Printing in Education: Connecting Students with RaiseCloud

Feb 19, 2020

Raise3D is a forerunner in 3D manufacturing innovation in the US, Europe, and Asia. Its applications have not just helped businesses in aerospace, biotech, and manufacturing, but even at the most foundational level in our education system.

Schools are where the youngest and brightest engineering ideas and minds are born. As incubators of innovative engineering ideas that are sustainable and will solve many environmental and economic concerns, schools and educators are served well when their classes and labs use the best equipment to teach.

Award-winning 3D printers the Pro2 and Pro2 Plus – huge industry favorites, are known for their rigorous quality standards, incorporating a wide selection of advanced materials, and large build volumes. Raise3D is equally at home at Boeing, NASA, or in competitive robotics or 3D Printing class at a local high school. A reliable choice for professional large format printing, yet intuitive and easy enough for use by the engineering student, the Raise3D Pro2 Series Printers are at home in more and more high schools and universities worldwide.


3D Printing in Education — FilRight


A keen interest in 3D printing and prototyping had evolved over the years into the creation of FilRight, who specializes in the research and development of 3D printing filaments and the testing of printers. Their experience working with most of the topline professional and desktop printers, and the study of materials, has earned them expertise and a deep understanding of printers and filaments. When they were asked to outfit four schools of the Pieter Zandt School Community with 3D printers, they chose the Raise3D Pro2 and Pro2 Plus.




Two of their main reasons for this choice were the ease of use of the intuitive software ideaMaker that young students could easily learn and work with independently. And, once connected, Raise3D’s cloud software RaiseCloud enabled the students to operate the four printers separately and simultaneously. Students could then collaborate and share projects and updates with their team members and teachers. In this way, students become acquainted with the additive manufacturing technology that they will most likely work with later in a professional capacity.


RaiseCloud Mobile App:

This is the first fully integrated 3D print management ecosystem of its kind that provides a remote user interface, and Remote User Interface and reports the team’s entire print production process at a glance. Flexibility, security, and customization are at the heart of RaiseCloud, so teams are synchronized, workflow managed efficiently, and print tasks kept on track. Users can monitor data remotely, modify parameters and receive print notifications with the RaiseCloud Mobile App.

3D printers are increasingly appearing in educational institutions to prepare students for their future in flexible manufacturing. 3D printing is now a permanent part of the curriculum at the Pieter Zandt School Community. All students learn how to make a design and then print it with the Pro2 from Raise3D.


“The fact that all printers can be managed through one system saves a lot of time.”


The 3D printing industry seems to agree about Raise3D’s usability – The Pro2 bagged the Digital Fabrication Guide’s ‘Best Large Format Printer’ award, and the Pro2 Plus received the All3DP ‘Best Large Format Printer 2019’ award as well as the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award.


raise3d pro2 and pro2 plus printers

Raise3D Pro2 Series


Students Connected with RaiseCloud


There is now a 3D printer at every location of the school community – in Kampen, IJsselmuiden, Staphorst, and Urk. They are linked to each other through RaiseCloud so that the printers can be remotely controlled, jobs can be placed in the queue, and the print status of each printer is visible everywhere. While that’s ideal for production in business, it also saves a lot of time for a teacher.


Raise3D Features that Educators Love:

Remote Control printing: A teacher or student can now give print orders to any 3D printer from home, pause them, and view print progress remotely via the built-in camera that comes with every Raise3D printer.

Print multiple designs at once: The fact that the four printers can all be managed with one system through RaiseCloud is not the only reason that they have chosen Raise3D at Pieter Zandt. Due to the number of students who have to print designs, the large building volume is also ideal. With a 30×30 circuit board, you can effortlessly print multiple designs at the same time.

Fully enclosed frame with quiet HEPA filtration system: The fact that the printer is also closed makes this model perfect for use in school environments. The fully enclosed Cartesian frame keeps hazardous fumes in and curious hands out. The enclosed frame and hotbed mean better temperature control, so students can explore all kinds of filaments that have different characteristics.

Reliable: Raise3D Pro2 and Pro2 Plus printers are industrial-grade work-horses, which means 24/7 run time and consistent quality printing.

Raise Academy: Learn from Raise3D experts for instruction, training, and Quick Tech Tips. Explore and master your Pro Series printer with tutorials, one-on-one demos, and advanced features training on Raise3D’s YouTube Channel. Paired with 24/7 customer support, teachers and students can count on help when they need it.

The students of the Pieter Zandt school community are now exploring innovative designs with ease and confidence. Teachers are also satisfied because the machine is reliable and empowers them to spend more time teaching the future generation the power and potential of additive manufacturing.

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