Device: How Raise3D Products Made Creating Building Materials More Productive

Aug 26, 2020

Why did Device incorporate 3D printing into the company?

Our company mainly supplies building materials (manufactured by the company). Also, does design and sales. The reason for looking into using 3D printing is more trial production of more materials and the production of self-made products.


What is the current finished product process?

  1. Design with 2D CAD.
  2. Modeling with 3D CAD.
  3. Use a 3D printer redesign if there is disagreement.



What process did Device use before using a 3D printer?

2DCAD and 3DCAD drawing rendering and screen confirmation, depending on the occasions model production. With styrene and other, gold type is created and injection molding. Without fit is Gold type correction. I was able to make work in a short time and re-examine many times. I had to imagine the ternary shape of the part in the head, but thanks to the 3D printer, I got it on a real scale.


How did an industrial 3D printer improve productivity?

Productivity (speed, labor) has increased dramatically. I have not done cost estimation in production, but I think it is 1/3 faster.



What is the future of 3D technology and Raise3D technology?

If all this can happen at this price, it’s good for the current status. I hope and to increase output speed.

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