Engineering Innovative Development and Technology Services: How 3D Printing Improved Production

Jul 13, 2020

Name of Interviewee: Mr. Aumnote Mongkolchaisit

Formal Title: Lab Engineer Officer

Raise3D system being used: Raise3D Pro2


Engineering Innovative Development and Technology Services have a mission to support engineers and research projects for the general public. To give support for small business enterprises (SMEs) and startups by providing engineering consultant and prototype services.


3d printing projects

Some of the print projects at the lab.


“Raise3D Pro2 was installed in service center for almost 2 years now and it is still frequently used for create accurate engineering prototype parts. We are happy with the print quality. With the large build volume, we can generate big parts in one piece. There is little downtime on this machine so it constantly run for most of the time.”

What is Engineering Innovative Development and Technology Services’ Current Production Process?

We will assist the lab members in design parts to be 3D printable. We use Raise3D premium PLA as a recommended material because it is easy to work with and has a high success rate for large print jobs. Then we will analyze the 3D printed prototype parts with lab members to discuss the design and readjust where necessary.


services display

The showcase of the Engineering Innovative Development and Technology Services.


What process was used before 3D printing? 

Most of the ideas from lab members cannot be realized into physical objects due to high cost or difficulty to make parts with traditional methods. With more than 20 3D printers installed in our labs, we can support their ideas into reality at the lowest cost.


What is the Pro2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer used for?

We are using Raise3D Pro2 mainly for making engineering prototype parts. We used to compare different 3D printed objects from several 3D printers and find that Raise3D Pro2 gives the best quality and accurate 3D printed parts. This helps to save us time in doing the finishing works as parts are ready to use.


3d printer demo

Demonstration of the 3D printer to the company visitors.

What were the results of incorporating 3D printing? And how will 3D printing affect the future of Engineering Innovative Development and Technology Services?

With our low-cost services, we can support our lab members with plastic prototype parts that cost as low as 100THB (3.33USD) which was not possible a few years ago.  In the field of engineering, composite materials enable by 3D printing is becoming more variable and I believe it will play a crucial role in the future material science development.

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