Hamano Products: Product Development Enhanced by 3D Printing

Feb 14, 2021

Hamano Products Co., Ltd is a typical Japanese manufacturer that provides product development, with a prominent use of precise metal plate machining. It receives orders from various industries for metal plate parts with distinct structures. To increase the efficiency of product development, Hamano purchased two Raise3D Pro2 Plus printers for its workshop, and another one for Garage Sumida, its hardware incubator.


Low Communication Efficiency When Prototypes Are Absent

Before adopting Raise3D printersprototypes were not as accessible due to the relatively high cost in both time and money needed to make them, whether in-house or outsourced. This cost was so high, Hamano would communicate product design to the client by showing specifications and diagrams on a screen. It was not until the final phase when product simulation was needed, that Hamano would acquire prototypes by outsourcing them. This communication method easily led to misunderstandings with clients, and then time was wasted to resolve them. On average, each Hamano client needs six rounds of design modifications, so low communication efficiency during each revision round would severely slow down the whole development process.


Smoother Product Development With Rapid Prototyping

Adopting Pro2 Plus printers gave Hamano easy access to in-house prototyping. The FFF technology of the Pro2 Plus can deliver a complete prototype in a single print job. This saves large amounts of money and time compared to the traditional processes for prototyping, which may involve several kinds of procedures, tools, and manual labour. Hamano can now create and display prototypes, even fully-assembled ones with metal parts, for each meeting to help clients understand complete and complex features of product design. As a result, Hamano can finish all six design revisions within one month. The availability of in-house rapid prototyping successfully speeds up whole product development progress.


How Raise3D Technology Supports High-Capacity Demand

Every day, Hamano runs multiple product development projects simultaneously and continuously receives new business orders. This results in a high demand for prototyping. Raise3D’s solutions, including the two Pro2 Plus printers, provided the high prototyping capacity that Hamano needed. The industrial-grade components of the Pro2 Plus enable Hamano to have its 3D printers continuously working for a period of three months. Meanwhile, the 30×30 cm print bed gives enough space to print multiple objects together, which is very efficient for nighttime printing.

In the daytime, Hamano’s staff may need to quickly print certain objects all in the same printing batch. This is where ideaMaker, the slicing software for Pro2 Plus, can help, by commanding printers to print multiple objects sequentially. Thus, the printer can deliver one object first, then continue to print all the other objects. The user does not need to wait until the printer finishes building all of the objects on the print bed.



For small and medium manufacturers like Hamano, Raise3D’s Pro2 series printers can add a high capacity of rapid prototyping with low cost in both budget and space. Such an upgrade permits faster product development and is competitive with that of larger manufacturers with professional labs. It is only a matter of time until all manufacturers adopt 3D printers like Raise3D’s products as part of a smart and essential investment.


This case is shared by Japan 3D Printer (, which is Raise3D’s distributor in Japan.

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