How 3D Printing Gave Galva Industries Sophistication, Scalability, and Affordability

Sep 23, 2019

Sound is important. Every day, we use it to learn, enjoy sports, listen to new music, and communicate. Though we seldom stop to consider how the devices that provide us with these pleasures actually work. Companies like TGPK (PT TOA Galva Industries), a Jakarta manufacturer, are currently creating the devices, like speakers and PA systems that give us these pleasures.


Creating designs that have practical uses is necessary for manufacturers to remain profitable. Additionally, having an efficient prototyping process that cuts costs while increasing the capacity for creativity directly impacts profitability. Previously, this type of beneficial technology was unheard of. However, due to the increasing sophistication, scalability, and affordability, 3D printers are now fulfilling all these requirements.



Prior to having their own 3D printers, TGPK was forced to outsource their designs to a third-party. This process was time-consuming and unnecessarily costly. If the design had issues that required a change, TGPK would have to cancel their order and restart it with a new design.


By switching their prototyping process, from outsourcing to using in-house 3D printers, TGPK is saving time now that they can change designs within minutes instead of days. An added benefit of using Raise3D printers is having two extruders, which allows for using two filaments for one print. Our Open Filament Program gives users access to multiple filaments including carbon fiber, PLA, metal filled, wood filled, and many more. 3D printers offer a scalable solution to the issues created by prototyping, and the reliability and precision of a 3D printer directly contribute to profitability by lowering costs and giving engineers more options to design the perfect part.


By using Raise3D, TGPK was able to:

  • Increase production of prototypes by 5X
  • Generate savings of 200% per part



The prototypes they make are directly used for determining what designs will go on to mass production, and which designs will still need to be changed and optimized. Simple parts like these are the result of many hours of detailed work that goes into making the devices that create sounds that we enjoy throughout our day.

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