How Raise3D Printers Improved Aguilar Industrias Metalicas’s Production

Apr 7, 2020

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“I can think of an idea and send it to print”

– Javier Aguilar, Manager


In pursuit of becoming the best FFF 3D printer in the world, Raise3D has ensured that every innovation or upgrade we execute is something that would delight an industrial engineer or machinist. The research and development put into creating the award-winning Pro2 series 3D printers is from years of listening to our customers. So, when a manufacturer or engineer talks about their challenges, production demands and some cool ideas they have, we listen. And then, we perfect our 3D printers to bring them a successful solution. But even so, it’s a great feeling and an honor we never take for granted when a progressive manufacturing company like Aguilar Industrias Metalicas chooses a Raise3D printer as their first step into 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This case study is very interesting and make us proud of what we build and the reason we are constantly striving to make 3D printing with Raise3D even better.


With headquarters in Alboraia, Spain, Aguilar Industrias Metálicas has been in the business of fabricating metal parts, components and prototypes for the manufacturing sector since 1977. With their openness to explore progressive and innovative techniques like additive manufacturing and 3D printing, they have experienced great growth in the last two decades in the regions of Valencia, Catalonia, and the Basque Country. With continuous improvement as their goal, they have adopted new materials and flexible manufacturing to improve their production process and profitability.

Javier Aguilar, the company’s manager, has followed the development of the additive manufacturing industry for more than 15 years, thanks mainly to his interest in keeping informed about any progress that may impact the professional activity of his company.

“We usually attend specialized conventions in our sector to be aware of the news that’s coming out” says Javier, who acknowledges that it was in one of these events where they fixed their attention on 3D printers.


3D Printing Applications in Parts Manufacturing


Aguilar first explored 3D printing with a desire to accelerate product development and create an innovative design. After researching several printers, with the main criteria being reliability, accuracy and great customer support they decided to choose the Raise3D Pro2 Plus with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. An excellent large format 3D printer that is geared towards professional and industrial use. At a great price point, ($4000 for the Pro2 and $6000 for the large volume Pro2Plus) it was a smart investment, almost instantly saving the company time and money and diversifying its capabilities.

“In AGUILAR INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS we don’t stop innovating. We recently acquired a Raise3D printer to print parts up to 305x305x605 mm. This technology allows us, before launching a product to manufacture, to have a functional sample to teach our customers.”


3D printing applications for Aguilar Industrias Metalicas using Raise 3D printers.

• Rapid creation of product prototypes- true to scale, enlarged or smaller.
• Creation of validation model tests.
• Simultaneous color printing- even the ability to use two colors thanks to the dual extruders.
• Flexibility of using various materials- PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, PVA, Wood & Fiber-filled.
• Ability to print large volume up to 12×12×23.8 inch / 305×305×605 mm

With the Raise3D Pro2 Plus, we can see and use a piece before launching it at series production.”


Prototyping with Additive Manufacturing


3D printing allowed Aguilar Industrias Metalicas to quickly produce new parts and prototypes in unique designs and materials enabling the introduction of additive manufacturing into their company. “With the Raise3D Pro2 Plus, we can see and use a piece before launching it at series production,” says Javier, who acknowledges that this was his first time purchasing a 3D printer, and his first experience directly working with additive technology. Aguilar Industrias Metálicas has experienced a clear reduction in production times. By incorporating Raise3D’s printers, they have been able to create more diverse prototypes that are quicker and cheaper.


prototypes of 3d printed awards

3d printed prototypes of awards.


Improving Production with Raise3D Printers


“In the past, after we designed a part and it was time to manufacture it, we were faced with the inconvenient possibility that there might be other productions ahead of ours, so we would have to wait for the right moment to put it in… and that could delay manufacturing, and it might be 2 or 3 weeks until we could touch the piece”, says Javier. “Now we have shortened the product development time.”


Currently, in addition to its traditional activity, Aguilar Industrias Metálicas has a parallel business line consisting of the design, manufacture, and sale of products for decoration, homes, gardening, and trophies through the internet.


“It’s in this line of business that we use the Pro2 the most, because it’s not the same to see it on a computer. We need to see it physically to know how it works and if it meets expectations,” says Javier, enthusiastic to highlight the benefits that come from having the printer run 24 hours a day and managed online. I have an idea and I print it. I arrive at the office on Monday and I have the piece he concludes.


finished parts using ideaMaker

Parts printed using Raise3D’s slicing software ideaMaker.


“I have an idea and I print it. I arrive at the office on Monday and I have the piece.”


3D Printing in the Future of Aguilar Industrias Metalicas


Javier says he will continue working with additive manufacturing and with Raise3D in the future. He is primarily focused on developing new products and not so focused on full-scale manufacturing of metal parts at the moment, although he says that he will be “attentive to the Additive Manufacturing market” as it develops in the future.

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