Molding Prototypes: How Raise3D Printers Brought Reliability and Cost Efficiency

Feb 14, 2022

W.J 3DP is a professional 3D printing service in Taichung, Taiwan. Its mission is to accelerate their customers’ development process using 3D printing. Its founder, Wang, worked for a molding company for several years and knows that CNC has limitations in creating prototypes. After he discovered 3D printing on social media, Wang decided to start his own 3D printing business. The latest printers installed in the workshop are Raise3D N2 and Pro2 Plus.


Professional Choice

“I compared all of the 3D printers I can find and Raise3D is the answer.” Wang says. Before Raise3D, Wang used many 3D printers.  At first, the past 3D printers he worked with were able to meet his customers’ needs, however as the customers’ requirements became more difficult, including printing size and filament needs, Wang needed to change 3D printers.


The N2 and Pro2 Plus printers have a high heating temperature, up to 280°C, making the printers compatible with a wider range of functional thermoplastics. After Wang purchased the N2 and Pro2 Plus from Raise3D, W.J 3DP was able to offer a variety of 3D printing material options to their customers. This, coupled with the printers having a larger build size than the average dimensions for their market segment, gave W.J 3DP more capability to deliver to their clients.


After implementing Raise3D printers in his company, Wang found that the heavy-duty design and mechanical engineering of Raise3D printers provided superior stability and consistent quality for long printing times.

Wang said “Before adopting Raise3D, I didn’t print longer than 24 hours because of high possibility of failure. It meant I had to stay and keep checking the printing status. Also, it is much more convenient to print bigger objects.”


High Evaluation on Investment

Wang found the Raise3D printers to be cost efficient: “Raise3D is a very good 3D printer. I have used many 3D printers and none of them is better than Raise3D. Raise3D has the best structure with reasonable price. The most important is Raise3D always keeps improving and really knows what customers need.”


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