Novo Studio Design: Prototyping Made Efficient Using 3D Printing

Nov 13, 2020

Novo Studio Design is owned by designer Cristian Luiz H. Silva. Novo Studio Design offers project and product development services for a variety of applications. Some applications include entertainment, houseware, health care, and electronic components. Silva’s clients typically require Novo Studio’s services to be delivered within a short time frame and with no errors. With high standards to meet in a short period of time, Silva purchased a Raise3D N2 3D printer to assist in prototyping during development.

“Excellent quality product, meets all the needs for which it was purchased.”

Cristian Luiz H. Silva, Novo Studio Design


Prototyping Before Incorporating 3D Printing

Before incorporating 3D printing, Novo Studio Design focused on using technical analysis and 3D modeling within specific software programs to verify feasibility. This process had a lack of tangible prototypes, which ultimately led to challenges in predicting possible critical failures in final results. Some common risk factors Cristian faced included designs facing the wrong direction, low feasibility for mass production, and low functional quality under real-life conditions. Novo Studio Design needed a flexible prototyping solution to prevent risks in all its product development. 3D printing was a possible solution to this lack of flexibility.


3D Printing Led to Rapid and Cost-Efficient Prototyping 

After deciding to incorporate 3D printing, Cristian Silva purchased the Raise3D N2 3D printer. The N2 3D printer enabled Novo Studio Design to adapt high-quality tangible prototypes within a short delivery time at an affordable rate.

For example, prototypes for entertainment applications are generally large and have rich texture on the surface of the parts. The N2 professional 3D printer can execute all the necessary tiny details and mimics features created during 3D modeling. Such a detailed final printing result would usually require intensive labor for many hours with long lead times and high costs. However, the N2 can create 3D printed parts cost-effectively. These 3D printed parts are made of 3D printing material, such as PLA. 3D printing requires less material, enabling Silva to create parts using only a few hundred grams of filament.

The N2 3D printer has proved to be reliable and timesaving for development projects, such as required in Architecture. The N2’s large build volume can print larger building parts in a single piece and multiple structures with a reduced assembly time. Since the N2 3D printer is a smaller scaled machine, it can be easily used in within an office environment. This saves Cristian even more time by shortening the delivery process.


3D Printers Are Business-Friendly to Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Raise3D printers are practical for small and medium-sized businesses like Novo Studio Design, that operate with smaller budgets and have less capabilities for the prototyping process. A Raise3D 3D printer has a relatively low initial cost and its free slicing software eliminates any additional financial pressure on small to medium-sized businesses while producing industrial quality 3D printed parts with a large build volume.


This case is shared by UP3D, a Raise3D’s distributor in Brazil.

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