Prototype Production: How 3D Printing Impacted Multiply by Eight

Aug 9, 2020

Multiply by Eight Co., LTD., a subsidiary of King Power, uses design to accelerate the adoption of the new idea to elevate human experiences one person, one product, one brand, one location at a time.


“We are using different fabrication tools for making product prototypes and 3D printer is one of the frequently use process. We create many proof of concept 3D printed objects for testing and presentation. Raise3D Pro2 has been a workhorse FDM machine.”


sculpture project

A sculpture project that is installed at the tallest building in Thailand, Maha Nakorn which is owned by King Power Group.


What is Multiply By Eight’s Current Production Process?

In the past, most of the prototype process was being outsourced to different service providers. It was a slow process and had high costs especially when there were many design itineraries. The quality control was also hard to carry out due to the distance.


pro2 3d printer

Raise3D Pro2 inside the design office.


Previously, we used hand-made prototypes or hired the external suppliers to do it. It was a time-consuming process and require skillful personal to create a high quality and consistent prototypes.


How did the Pro2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer solve the issues that existed? What benefits did Raise3D offer?

Now we are able to create a prototype inside our own office. The turnaround for each design itineraries has been shortened tremendously. Besides this, the cost of prototyping has also lowered.

For some projects, we can save as much as 50% for design process cost with the use of digital fabrication in house.


design plans

Design boards which eventually turn into physical objects.


How will 3D printing affect the future of Multiply by Eight?

We are looking forward to functional 3D printed parts to be integrated into the design. 3D printing will remain to be one of the most flexible fabrication tools in our design house that everyone will go for prototype creation.

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