Sportmaster Uses 3D Printing to Innovate in Sportswear Design

Sep 4, 2019

The process of innovating in the sporting goods market takes time and creativity. Design teams have to adapt quickly to new trends and consistently improve performance. Companies that innovate and constantly reimagine and upgrade their product for real value succeed and stay ahead year after year.

Raise3D customer Sportmaster is an international multi-category, multi-brand retailer of sports and outdoor products (over 300 brands of apparel, footwear, and equipment) with over 515 stores worldwide. To stay responsive to customer and market needs in an increasingly competitive sporting goods industry, they turned to 3D printing.




Large Format 3D Printer is the Ideal Solution


The Challenge:

Sportmaster needed a flexible manufacturing solution and quick 3d printed prototypes to stay efficient and reduce time-to-market.  Before using the Raise3D Pro2, Sportmaster would create designs for new products and then send these designs to different workshops. If the workshops made a mistake, or the design needed minor adjustments, it could take weeks to fix. This was wasting both time and money that could instead go towards furthering the vision of the designer, and ultimately, the company itself.


Sportmaster decided to change its production methods for prototypes and adopted flexible manufacturing with 3D printing. A large-format 3D printer is the ideal solution when you want to explore product development with rapid prototyping without investing in a full-scale industrial additive manufacturing solution.  To maximize efficiency they narrowed down their requirements to three parameters. They wanted:

  • Dual extruders that could print in two different colors materials
  • A quiet, enclosed 3D printer that is suitable for corporate environments
  • A large platform for bigger prints.



With the help of Raise3D support staff and after careful consideration of other competitors, Sportmaster chose the Raise3D Pro2 which not just fulfilled their basic requirements but also offered some other great features that perfectly fit their needs like:


An intuitive and easy to use patented 3D slicing software, considered to be one of the strongest control centers in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry, was available in several languages, including Russian, which most of their design and development centers used.


Fully enclosed large print volume:

The Pro2 Plus offered them a massive enclosed build volume with an electronic dual extruder for two colors or materials to be used simultaneously so Sportmaster could comfortably accommodate those tall or large sporting goods for prototyping in 3D printing.


Raise3D branded filaments and Open Filament Program:

Being able to use a wide range of approved 3D Printing materials like nylon, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, PLA and ABS, helped the design and R&D team create a variety of functional and high performing prints in a variety of interesting and exotic materials with reduced prototype cost.


RaiseCloud with Mobile App:

A fully integrated 3D print management ecosystem provided their entire R&D and Production team Remote User Interface with the ability to collaborate.  They received support and training on how to use 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing through Raise3D Academy, their learning & knowledge platform with video tutorials, technical tips, and access to the knowledge needed to become an additive manufacturing specialist.


Quickly Adapting to Changes in Rapid Prototyping


By using flexible manufacturing and rapid prototyping 3D printing with the Raise3D Pro2, Sportmaster adapted to changes in prototype production in ways that traditional manufacturing just cannot compete.  Using the Pro2 to increase the variability of designs, simultaneously produce parts containing different materials, colors, and batch sizes, they were able to significantly reduce 3D printing prototype cost.


by using flexible manufacturing


Sportmaster now create their prototypes in their design and development departments. Once these designs are complete, they simply have them printed in the next room. Thanks to the fully enclosed cartesian frame with built-in HEPA filters, it makes the Pro Series perfectly suited for their office environment. If any issues arise, or revisions to the design are necessary, they merely redesign them using 3D modeling software and reprint them. This is just one of many great stories of 3D printing applications.



The Raise3D Pro2 optimized significantly the process of new goods development. It sped up our work exponentially and also saves us money. Now we have more time for experimenting, trying interesting ideas, printing a lot of prototype variants and we can promptly make amendments

– Seger (Sportmaster Representative)


The impact of 3D printing on the manufacturing industry has greatly improved production time and accuracy of prototypes for a large variety of design, engineering and production users.


By using the design capability and innovative application of Raise3D Pro2, Sportmaster product managers & designers develop their future collections with products that are trendy, more functional, comfortable, and safe for the user.  More significantly, 3D printing has had a direct impact on their daily business operations.


  • Decreased production times of new prototypes by 40%
  • Lowered costs by 30%
  • Accelerate Product Development
  • Custom manufacture on demand
  • Conduct in-house testing and rapid prototyping
  • Reduced time to market and costs.


In our everyday work, we are all looking for ways to optimize processes, actively implementing new strategies. Sustainable success is hard to achieve without the application of advanced technologies, systems, and solutions like 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Change is the only constant. Companies like Sportmaster who embrace change and drive innovation for continuous business improvement are ahead of the pack.

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