The European Initiative in Responding to COVID-19: 3D Printing’s Flexibility and Speed

Jun 9, 2020

Company: OKM3D
Specialty: 3D printing advising and distribution
Company: Rupture Tech Consulting
Specialty: Distribution of 3D equipment in Europe


During the COVID-19 pandemic, 3D printing has proven itself to be a remarkable resource in producing protective gear because of its flexibility and fast production turn around. European companies Rupture Tech Consulting and OKM3D are both experts in 3D printing and have teamed up to print face shields, respirator valves, and more using Raise3D printers.


“The flexibility of 3D printing makes it possible to create a complete local production unit in a few hours once the machines are received. What is all the more important today with the difficulties of supply and the urgent need for protective equipment for the population in contact with the public.”

– Julian Gonzales, Rupture Tech Consulting



3D Printing to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis in Cities

When Rupture Tech Consulting and OKM3D contacted the mayors of Montpellier and Bayreuth, they decided to react quickly and strongly by using their authority and our expertise to deal with this health crisis. The city of Montpellier equips themselves with Pro2 printers to set up a print factory, enabling them to autonomously fight the COVID-19 crisis.



The city of Montpellier has invested in ten Raise3D Pro2 3D printers and the city of Bayreuth has purchased twelve Pro2 printers. While already having delivered thousands of PPE, their goal is to deliver over 12,000 face shields to all persons who are in need. 



The combination of Rupture Tech Consulting and OKM 3D has proven to create a streamlined approach. Each company with a different specialization enabled faster sourcing of essential equipment and machines. OKM3D, having direct contact with manufacturers, supplied Rupture Tech Consulting in Montpellier with their Raise3D printers, including space parts, and filaments. In addition, they continuously provide Plexiglass sheets and elastic bands for finalized equipment. Without the support of OKM3D in terms of hardware supply and logistic solutions, the ongoing projects in both Montpellier and the city of Bayreuth in Bavaria would not have been possible.


3D Printing Solution 

With the Raise3D printers, PPE and other useful resources can be custom designed on-demand and printed efficiently.  The opportunity to produce locally is a major plus in cutting down distribution times. This speeds up the process significantly with protective gear going directly from the printers to the public. The effectiveness of 3D printers allows for the high demand of 1,500 to 2,000 visors each week to be printed. 


“The fact that cities equip themselves will allow them to be able to manage the production of protective elements independently and flexibly according to the needs of the moment. They are visors today but they could be other products in the weeks and months to come for hospitals, medical personnel, agents of the city / region / metropolis, shops etc.”


Rupture Tech Consulting is printing face shields for this project, and also now prototyping breathing masks (10,000 already validated and ordered by the Red Cross in Germany thanks to OKM3D),

Also, safe door openers and counter Plexiglas protections to anticipate additional needs for schools, private companies, and medical staff for the following weeks to come.



By also working with Raise3D engineers and with our respective staff, we were able to optimize the design, production, and manage the manufacturing of thousands of production visors.


The Future of Using 3D Printing



“With Rupture Tech Consulting in France and OKM3D in Germany, we were able to create a turnkey solution together to supply all the equipment in record time and install 2 Raise3D print farms”


With their goal being to equip more than 12,000 people with protective gear, these companies intend to print as many as needed for all city workers and medical staff.  The demand is still growing with the hospitals and other medical services and the orders continue to increase every week to meet the recognized and growing emergency to equip and protect people.

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