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STEP 1: Cut off the main power.


STEP 2: Open the cover of electronic box.

The electronic box is located at different positions on N1 and N2/N2 Plus.

For N2/N2 Plus: It is located at right back side of the printer. It is a black box with a flash sign on it. Remove the four fixing screws marked below to open the cover.

For N1: It is located in the bottom of the printer. Lay it down on the side and remove the bottom cover to find the electronic box.


    STEP 3: Unplug the ribbon cable from motion board.


    Figure 1: Before Unplugging

    Figure 2: After Unplugging


    STEP 4: Connect the ribbon board onto the thermal-protector.

    Figure 3: Connect the ribbon cable onto the protector and ensure the direction is proper.

    Figure 4: Make sure the fasteners are tightly fixed.


    STEP 5: Install the protector onto the motion board.

    Figure 5: Remove the screw marked in picture.

    Figure 6: Fix the protector onto the motion with screw.

    Figure 7: Fix the other end of the protector onto the marked position on motion board.

    Figure 8: After Installation.


    STEP 6: Install the cover of the electronic box back.


    Download PDF with instructions