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Go Green Initiative

The “Go Green Initiative” represents Raise3D’s commitment to pursue the best knowledge and follow the best practices with the aim of minimizing its ecological footprint.


Raise3D believes the best approach is to be green by nature.

As a designer and manufacturer of additive manufacturing equipment and solutions, being green by nature translates mostly into designing solutions that can be efficient in terms of energy and sustain a heavy workload with full operational effectiveness for many years.

As a company that is part of a whole business environment, however, there are many more areas we will consider, and many positive actions we can take.


On this page, we will keep you informed regarding what we have already done, what we are currently doing, and what we are planning to do.

Also, we welcome all your suggestions for improvement.

Product Design

• Long lasting hardware

• Cardboard filament spool



• Cardboard 3D printer box


Business Practices

• Remote working whenever possible

• Remote meetings whenever possible

Fillaments Approved for Raise3D (OFP)

• Recyclable filaments: