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Features and Benefits of Pro2 Series 3D Printer

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Makeup Special Effects, Props and Movies

Special makeup effects are always evolving and changing.



Precision, reliability and impressive build volumes. Raise3D printers are serious workhorses ideal for even the most complex mechanical parts.

Case Studies

Discover how Raise3D printers drive innovation, inspire
creativity and change lives everyday.

ideaMaker Software

Import, slice and print. Experience the seamless workflow and limitless potential of ideaMaker, Raise3D’s complimentary custom slicing software.

What Makes a 3D Printer Great?

At Raise 3D we set out to build a 3D printer that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, reliable enough to run 24/7 and able to repeat the process of manufacturing finished parts with precise replication.

As a customer driven company our products are created with input from a diverse field of professionals on the cutting edge of design, engineering and manufacturing. The result is a 3D printer ready to integrate print factories and build customized parts on demand.

Introducing the Raise3D PRO2!

Electronic dual lifting extruders that print complex mechanical parts and improve print speed, diverse material compatibility for maximum strength and flexibility, 32 bit motion controller for superior thermal performance and silky smooth motion, live camera monitoring, filament run out sensor and power loss with resume for worry free printing are just a few of the features that make our 3D printer effortless, dependable and accurate. 

We invite you to spend time on our website to explore all the possibilities a Raise 3D printer can deliver. You may find the case study section of particular interest; from education and the arts to engineering feats and medical device breakthroughs that were all but impossible to cost effectively manufacture just a few short years ago.

Contact us with confidence; our friendly staff is here to answer your questions about owning a 3D printer, understand your 3D printing needs and offer the right solution.  So come on- It’s your turn to build something extraordinary!


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