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Asian Institute of Technology Solutions (AITS): Promoting Science and Technology for Socio-Economic Development in Asia

Août 6, 2020

AIT Solutions (AITS), formerly AIT Consulting, was established at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with the aim to increase the application of science and technology for the socio-economic development in Asia and the global community.

The mission of AIT Solutions concentrates on establishing higher scientific, engineering, and technological standards; developing innovative solutions; tackling challenging issues; and collaborating with public and private organizations through deeper and expanded engagement and delivery of AIT’s research, knowledge, and expertise.


company entrance

The company entrance.


By mobilizing a specialized team from a pool of experts existing at the Institute, including internationally recognized faculty, experienced researchers, and talented alumni; AIT Solutions offers innovative solutions and new applications of expertise in Technology, Engineering, Environment, Development, and Management to deliver successful and sustainable strategies for a rapidly developing world.

Our focus areas include Building & Construction Technology, Collaborative Innovation, Energy & Environment, IT & Mobile Computing, Knowledge Products, Resilient Structures, Smart Living, and Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System (WEMS).


« We mainly use 3D printers for making models to present to our clients as well as demonstrate our research to the public. »


The Process

We use computer simulation to test our idea, then 3D print the physical objects to undergo real-world trials. Once everything has been adjusted to meet the clients’ requirements, then we will 3D print the finalized design to present to the clients.


3d printed assembly parts

Some of the 3D printed parts waiting for assembly.


Before acquiring a 3D printer, we can only show the 3D model on the computer screen, which could be quite difficult for clients to visualize the design as we explained the details.


Raise3D N2 Plus installed in the office.


Now we can use the 3D printed model to show to our clients. This includes some details that integrate internally in the 3D printed model which makes it easier to understand than on the computer screen. We can cut down the design phase time for our clients. It also helps to add value to our design services.



We received positive feedback from our clients with the use of 3D printed objects during the presentation. Customer satisfaction has increased and this should help us to get more projects in the near future. 3D printing technology is becoming a standard tool for a design house and we believe this technology will keep improving that everyone will be able to operate with ease. 3D printing knowledge might become one of the preferred skill requirements in the design position/job in the near future.


client 3d print

Example of project work that uses a 3D printed model to present to the client.

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