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GAGAT AM: A Printer Farm born from the need for local production

Fév 8, 2024

GAGAT AM was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands, initially offering prototyping and design services.

GAGAT’s 3D printer line-up consists of 29 Raise3D Pro3’s and a Raise3D Pro2. They can manufacture up to 10.000 small-medium sized parts a month, using approximately 300kg of plastic.

Many of GAGAT’s customers come from the Automotive, Oil & Gas and Rail areas, with others being  Industrial Electrical manufacturers and IoT industries.

Unlike manufacturing partner networks, who often source parts from various suppliers, 3D-printed parts from a single farm are reliably consistent. By producing all the parts on the same machines with the same materials and following strict protocols, it shows how 3D printing is a trustworthy and dependable solution.


GAGAT’s humble beginnings

GAGAT’s initial venture into 3D printing services began with a single 3D printer, but growing demands quickly highlighted the need for expansion.

“What began as a simple experiment has evolved into something truly inspiring for us,” they tell us. “Our initial goal was to explore the potential of 3D printing and its application in producing industrial products.” However, world events soon changed things when additive manufacturing (AM) became a crucial solution during the challenging times of COVID.


Growing during the pandemic

Companies and manufacturers all over the globe faced a disruption in their supply chains due to the pandemic, and the need for local production became evident. GAGAT had a single Raise3D Pro2 machine and put it to good use. “We started designing and building prototypes for our first customers, paving the way for a new era of manufacturing.”

“As demand grew, we realized the importance of establishing a consistent and efficient production process for smaller series of products. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey to find the perfect 3D printers for industrial use. After rigorous testing, we discovered that the Raise3D machines surpassed all others in terms of reliability, minimal calibration requirements, and a large, enclosed build volume.”

Since then, GAGAT has expanded its farm to a total of 30 machines, supplied by Lay3rs, a Raise3D partner in Benelux, with the most recent 10 being acquired this summer.


Adding value to the supply chain

GAGAT utilizes additive manufacturing to positively impact the supply chain. With thousands of parts worldwide that can be replaced by 3D printed parts, optimized for minimal waste and produced on demand, they foresee the negative effects of “manufacturing partner networks” on the industry. “These networks no longer provide benefits to customers as easy-to-use quotation platforms, which is only the real positive point they had,” they say, “but time is different now, and quotation platforms now are accessible to all 3D printing service bureaus by simple subscription.”


Technical expertise

“Our proven approach to part slicing has consistently benefited numerous companies. We are proud to efficiently minimize supports and decrease labour while manufacturing robust parts that excel in all dimensions. Our profiles are meticulously calibrated to produce high-performance parts, leveraging the highest temperature ranges. We carefully consider cooling techniques or even eliminate it altogether to ensure our parts are significantly stronger than those of our competitors. Additionally, we greatly minimize the need for supports by strategically printing parts at critical angles.”


The future for GAGAT

GAGAT hope to create an advanced hub that will incorporate a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, expanding and establishing multiple hubs nationwide, eventually becoming one of the largest additive manufacturing production clusters in Europe. “We are particularly focused on improving supply chain efficiency and offering businesses a platform to locally produce parts, thereby reducing reliance on overseas suppliers.”

GAGAT AM and Raise3D will continue to work together, as they themselves state: “Today, Raise3D remains our trusted partner, providing us with exceptional machines that consistently meet our needs.”

You can find out more about GAGAT AM from the video below and by visiting their website.

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