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Maximizing Efficiency and Precision: Innovations in Custom Foot Orthotics

Avr 24, 2024

Sooley is a company based in Konstanz, Germany. The company’s CEO, Sanya Zillich, envisions a sustainable and health-conscious society and is dedicated to transforming the custom insole market. Through the revolutionary 3D scanning app, along with Raise3D’s advanced 3D printing technology solutions, they empower millions of individuals worldwide to obtain personalized insoles directly, marking a significant step towards achieving their goals.

3D printing custom foot orthotics on the Raise3D E2 3D Printer.


Creation and Online Retailing of Tailor-Made Orthopedic Insoles

Sooley’s primary focus lies in the creation and online retailing of tailor-made orthopedic insoles. Through a unique mobile application, customers can have their feet accurately 3D scanned, giving them precise foot data to enable Sooley to create individualized and comfortable insoles. This innovative service stands out within the health and wellness sector, specifically catering to orthopedic support and comfort for a range of foot-related issues.

Unlike many other companies that employed traditional manufacturing methods before switching to additive manufacturing, Sooley began with 3D printing straight away. In contrast, traditional manufacturing methods are much more costly, including the need for larger manufacturing workshops.

Tailor-Made Orthopedic Insoles


Accessible and Scalable Production Technique Requirement

Sooley mainly consulted experts to find a suitable printer or printing company. The decision to adopt 3D printing technology was motivated by the need for highly personalized products tailored to individual foot contours, enhancing manufacturing efficiency, reducing waste, and offering customizable solutions that traditional production methods may not achieve. They also refer that they required a production technique that was easily accessible and scalable, leading them to choose 3D printing.

Individual foot conditions that benefit from tailored orthopedic insoles.


Insoles Production with Raise3D Solution

Sooley acquired Raise3D E2 printers along with RaiseCloud and ideaMaker to make productions of these insoles a reality. Raise3D’s E2 printer was selected for its dependability, dual filament feature for immediate usability, and excellent support. Sooley primarily uses TPU as their primary material, exploring various Shore-strengths and colours. They also plan to utilize foamy TPU, which the Raise3D E2 can effectively process thanks to adjustments to its feeding system.

TPU material provides an ideal balance of flexibility, durability, and impact resistance.


Software-wise, they utilize both ideaMaker and RaiseCloud, appreciating ideaMaker for its optimal balance of flexibility and simplicity, seamlessly integrated with RaiseCloud for streamlined printing processes.

Raise3D E2 3D printer’s mirror or duplication mode allows for simultaneous printing of two smaller insoles to boost efficiency.


Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Sooley intends to expand their use of 3D printing, organically growing through the expansion of their print farm. Eventually, they plan to consider adopting more of these scalable printing technologies or setting up small manufacturing units in key locations to cut shipping costs and delivery times. Presently, they are very satisfied with the user-friendliness and dependability of the Raise3D system, along with the excellent support provided by Raise3D resellers, emphasizing quick solutions to their questions and enhancing their overall experience.

Sooley’s team


In conclusion, Sooley’s adoption of 3D printing technology, particularly with Raise3D, showcases their commitment to innovation in the custom insole market, offering personalized solutions for better foot health and comfort while striving towards sustainability and efficiency in manufacturing.

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