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ideaMaker 3.5.0 Beta Release Notes

Oct 24, 2019

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

Download ideaMaker 3.5.0 Beta

New Features

· Slice Settings

1. Added Adaptive support.

The Infill Ratio for the Support Structure can now be adaptively set. The closer the support structures are to the model, the higher the Infill Ratio can be set. Or, the further apart they are, the lower the Infill Ratio can be set. This can help save printing time and minimize support material. You can also adjust the range for the Support Infill Ratio.

Note: When the Dense Support Layer feature is enabled, the maximum value of this range will be the same as the Dense Support Infill Ratio.

2. Added Rectilinear, Triangles, and Gyroid for Support Fill Type, and Rectilinear for Dense Support Fill.

3. Updated Manual Support generation.
Support will be generated around the scaled and rotated Manual Support Pillars.

4. Added the option to disable unnecessary retractions when printing supports.
When this option has been enabled, the retraction will only happen before the nozzle travels across the model.

5. Added Support Infill Outlines.

6. Added Dense Support Infill Outlines.

7. Added Dense Support Inner Horizontal Expansion.
More dense support structures will be added to the existing support structures.

8. Once Support Horizontal Expansion has been enabled, support structures will be added to the expanded support structures.

9. Separate settings for Top and Bottom Dense Support Layers.

10. Added options to print Support Infill or Dense Support Infill with Lines Pattern when Support or Dense Support Infill Pattern is set as Grid and the Support or Dense Support Infill Ratio is over 25%.

11. Added more types of WipeWall: Interlaced and Nested.

12. Added more types of WipeTower: Interlaced, Nested, and Multiple.

13. Added Cylinder type WipeTower.

14. Added Wipe Tower Minimal Volume to control the minimal extrusion amount of how many loops for each nozzle when WipeTower Type has been selected as Nested.

15. Added an option to check Small Feature.
When the diameter of a selected area is lower than the set value, or when the diameter of holes on shells is lower than the set value, these sections will be printed out with the settings of Small Features, which requires lower printing speeds and increases infill density.
Small Features Diameter = 8mm, Speed Multiplier = 50%, Small Features Infill Density = 100%

Small Features Hole Diameter = 5mm

16. Added more conditions for enabling Z hop.

17. Added Adaptive Infill settings.

18. Added an option to fill the gaps when 100% Concentric Infill is selected.

19. Added an option to fill the gaps among Infill Outline Shells.

20. Added an option to connect the endpoints of Infill Lines for Grid, Triangles, and Cubic type Infill.

21. Added an option to print Infill as Solid Fill and use Settings for Solid Fill when the density of the Infill is set to 100%.

22. Added an option to print Infill with Lines Pattern when Infill Pattern is set as Grid and the Infill Ratio is over 25%.

23. Added Lines for new Infill Pattern.

24. Separated Solid Fill settings into an individual tab.

25. Added settings for Top Surface.

Acceleration and Jerk settings.

26. Added settings for Bottom Surface.

27. Added Ironing Feature. Thanks to the idea of Neotko‘s Neosanding.

28. Added an option to select whether to enable Move to Park Position when Cool Down Inactive Extruder has been enabled.

29. Added Force Retraction if Travel Length Exceeded.
Retraction will be enabled when the travel distance is longer than the set value if Avoid Travel Through Holes is enabled.

30. Added Apply Bridging Settings to Shells.
Separated the speed and flowrate settings for Shells in Bridging areas.

31. Added an option to set how much the printing platform will drop under print completion.

32. Added an option to define the pattern of the exported .gcode file name.

33. Added Printer Type Abbreviation under Printer Settings and Filament Type Abbreviation under Filament settings to define the pattern of exported .gcode file names.

34. Added an option to disable generating .data files and combine information in .data files with .gcode files.
Note: Once you disable this feature, the preview image of print files will not be generated on the touchscreen.

35. Added Infill Angle List, Top and Down Solid Fill Angle List, and Interlaced Support Infill Angle List into Per-group and Per-layer settings.

36. Added function to edit Fixed Layer Start Point X&Y under Per-group and Per-layer settings.

37. Added the bounding box information of printed objects at the beginning of .gcode files.


· User Interface

1. Added support to 3Dconnexion Space Mouse® (experimental feature). Windows 7 or later, and OS X 10.10 or later is required.

2. Added an option under Preferences to invert mouse wheel controls for zooming.

3. Added an option to edit shortcut for Multiple Selection.

4. Added Bottom View in the Main interface.

5. Optimized some 3D manipulating controls in the Main interface.

6. Added function to move the location of Preview controls.

7. Optimized the interface of the Shortcuts panel.

8. Optimized the display of Tool Bar and Menu Bar in the Main interface.

9. Added border for operation panel. Optimized the display when multiple panels are overlapping each other.

10. Added option to select whether to Place the model at the center of the Build Plate or the center of the Printing Area when arranging models or centering a model.

11. Added Reload Selected Models from Lock Disk.
You can find this new option under File in Menu, or right-click and find it in the Context Menu.

12. Added support for French and Italian language. Language settings can be changed under Preferences > Language.

13. Added option to turn on or off the update notification of ideaMaker Beta versions.


· Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the bug causing some infill structures to disappear when the minimal threshold value of the infill space is too big.

2. Fixed the bug that kept Keep Holes in Raft Structures from working whenever WipeWall was enabled.

3. Fixed the issue causing the print information to not be cleared in the ideaMaker Remote Control page when it had already been cleared on the touchscreen.

4. Fixed the bug causing the printer to not recognize Unit properly within 3MF files.

5. Fixed the miscalculation of Modifier under Setting Groups.

6. Fixed language issues.