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ideaMaker 4.3.3 Release Notes

Sep 29, 2023


  1. Added 7 new built-in filaments:

Adaptable model:E2CF

  • Filament:PET GF 1.75mm,PET Support 1.75mm,PLA 1.75mm,ABS 1.75mm,PETG 1.75mm,ASA 1.75mm,PC 1.75mm
  • Template:3 templates for each filament, including High Quality, Speed, and Standard.

Note: Raise3D Industrial PET Support 1.75mm filament is a support material with no built-in template as it is not necessary.


2. E2CF is open to filaments restrictions

(1) E2CF built-in system template all parameters are open for setting;

(2) E2CF allows customized templates to import 3rd-party materials;


3. User-defined models open the upper limits of acceleration and speed for the prediction time.

4. Updated the material density of some materials.


5. Defect Resolution

(1) Fixed certain interface display issues.

(2) Addressed some known defects.