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Raise3D Printers Are Helping Boeing Provide New Technology to the State of Oklahoma.

Mai 15, 2019


3D printing and simulation programs at Boeing

The aerospace giant is adapting cutting edge digital technologies like 3D printing and simulation programs as valuable tools at their campus.
In the rapidly evolving age of technology, Boeing has adapted and implemented the latest tools with a focus on digital models. Working in a digital space allows their team to interact with the millions of parts that go into an aircraft, as well as the ability to create and modify hardware components, measure lift and drag, and completely simulate a flight sequence. With the information that’s provided in these digital workspaces, individuals are able to learn the plane’s operation and hardware even without logging real flight hours.

The benefits of these 3D technologies for Boeing mean that each process can be researched and tested further and adjustments can be made in a matter of minutes. Simulation of these components can be tested and refined before being finalized, and the Raise3D Pro2 is able to take these digital designs and print them into physical items.

The implementation of digital tools are changing the landscape of the aerospace industry and Boeing is continuing to research and develop these tools and academic programs as a leader in many fields.

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