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RaiseTouch Release Notes – Pro2 Series (with Hyper Speed Upgrade Only)

Oct 31, 2023

This version can only work for users who have upgraded the Raise3D Hyper Speed Pro2 Series Upgrade with Hyper FFF™ technology. *(Note: If you have not applied for the Pro2 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade and installed the upgrade package, even if you download this RaiseTouch version, you will not be able to use it.)


Release notes – Exclusively for the Pro2 Series (with Hyper Speed Upgrade Only)

Download RaiseTouch with RaiseCloud


Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed the issue of nozzle hitting the model after resuming printing from filament runout.
  2. Fixed the temperature error issue in RaiseCloud settings.
  3. Fixed the problem of remaining filament quantity not updating.
  4. Fixed the issue of filament rollback after initiating printing with filament feeding.
  5. Fixed the issue of idle nozzle not cooling down after preheating for printing.


Special instructions:

When printing after upgrading to the Hyper Speed version, please try to avoid power outages.