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Pro2 Series Hyper Speed Release Notes


New features:

  1. Support Hyper Speed Mode. After upgrading, the effective printing speed of specific filaments can reach the L1 level of Hyper FFF™ (ie 150mm/s).
  2. After upgrading to the Hyper Speed version, the logo of Hyper Speed will be added to the Home page.
  3. Hyper Speed Calibration Wizard. Help users complete frequency calibration in Hyper Speed Mode and prepare for printing.
  4. Labels Used to Distinguish Hyper Speed. For documents that support Hyper Speed Mode, display labels to distinguish (labels of lightning, labels of L1)
  5. Automatic Firmware Upgrade Function of Motion Controller Board. When installing the RaiseTouch firmware, the motion controller board firmware can be upgraded automatically.


Next version features:

  1. Optimize the Filament Detection may cause the machine to report an error problem.
  2. Optimize the model printing failure and related display problems during the Power Loss Recovery.
  3. Optimize printing experience and printing stability.