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David Zwirner Gallery HK Installed Multiple 3D Printers to Facilitate Art Exhibition

Juin 12, 2023

“…the 3D printing would become an essential tool to facilitate arts and design. Equipping the Raise3D printers would certainly help to explore more opportunity coming as a gallery in town.”

–David Zwirner  Gallery HK



In 2022, the gallery worked with an artist from Thailand who planned an exhibition to explore the Arts of Umbrella. There were dozens of umbrellas to be presented at the exhibition, both physically and digitally. These umbrellas had to be scanned and 3D printed to be shown at the exhibition venues, and demonstrate the idea of the art from the perspective of Arts of Umbrella. The team faced the challenge of printing the art pieces, which were essentially full-size umbrellas. Besides, the deadline for the exhibition was so close that being able to print dozens of umbrellas in such a short period of time was almost unthinkable.



The gallery finally picked the Raise 3D Pro3 Plus as the solution to print the art pieces for this project. They bought 4 sets of Pro3 Plus printers and a 3D scanner. The printers were installed and are up and running at the gallery in Hong Kong.


Decision Making

The decision for the gallery to buy Pro3 Plus printers was based on a comprehensive evaluation:

1. Raise3D delivered highly reliable printing with great quality, and this helped convince the artist.


2. The Pro3 Plus has a large print size (300 x 300 x 600 mm) that makes large art piece possible, being able to print items with up to 600mm in height. With this, a full-size print of an umbrella can be carried out.


3. Due to the large printing capacity the project demanded, multiple systems were required. Raise3D’s competitive pricing was able to justify the acquisition of 4 systems to make this project a reality.

4. The running costs of Raise 3D printers made the resulting print parts very cost-effective, especially when compared to other technologies. Even though the projects required a large quantity of prints, the cost of materials from Raise3D, namely filaments, were still very reasonable when taking into account the scope of the work to be done.

5. Critically, setting up a Raise3D printer and operating it were things that were easily managed. The artists and gallery staff who did not possess strong 3D modeling skills could still carry out 3D printing without great difficulty. Retrieving the finished parts from the 3D printer was also easy.


6. Last but not the least, the printer operated quietly. This meant that prints could be carried out onsite, inside the gallery, without disturbing the visitors and guests.


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This case is shared and led by Raise3D Hongkong resellers Jadason Technology Ltd

The gallery project manager approached Jadason Technology Ltd. for feasible solutions that would allow them to make the exhibition possible. The artist provided digital models of some of the scanned umbrellas, as well as some real umbrellas for testing. Jadason scanned the real umbrellas and printed them using Raise3D Pro3 Plus. The test prints were reviewed by the artists, with the cost of materials and the required printing time also factored in.

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