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Solving Unique Manufacturing Challenges: 3D Printing Used to Create Dolls and Accessories

Avr 8, 2020

« Printing times of 18 hours or more don’t frighten us. Print failures are virtually absent. This printer can rightly be called an “out of the box” printer. Our first print was produced immediately after unpacking. A test cube, then a shoe pad -and with excellent quality. It took a little time to get used to the printer, but after 2 months, I can confidently say that the Raise3D N2 Dual is the ideal 3D printer for small batch production. »

Russian fabricator Ольги Шулятецкой, known in English as Livemaster, solved unique manufacturing challenges for the doll enthusiasts and collectors that they serve. Livemaster creative studio produces a variety of 3D printed accessories for dolls such as shoes, soles, mannequins, accessories, jewelry and more.

The Livemaster creative studio creates a variety of 3D printed accessories for dolls. Shoes, soles, mannequins, accessories, jewelry and more.


For many, creating a customized character is something that is only attainable through seeking a professional due to the lack of trade patterns and the required accessories for clothing and shoes.

Before using Raise3D printing technology, the creative team struggled with lack of diagrams, patterns, and accessories required for custom doll production. When making these custom-requested parts, the team produced parts out of gypsum which had imperfect results.

How Raise3D helped the production of dolls and accessories for Livemaster. By applying 3D printing, the company was able to:

  1. Create high quality prints that offer stronger and detailed parts than traditional counterparts.
  2. Produce batches of products in-house. The team was able to print multiple products in one print job thanks to the volume capabilities of the Raise3D N2 printer.
  3. Offer custom parts and accessories for displays, accessories, and complete products.

For all the multiple parts involved in the creation of various doll accessories, a 3D printer becomes an indispensable device. The tools and expertise of the creative team at Livemaster, made possible to provide the parts and journals of patterns required to create the clothes and shoes for dolls. One of the pates that are more difficult to obtain are the shoe sole.

3D printed shoe soles

The complete shoe with 3D printed sole

Before applying 3D printing, the creative team attempted to make parts from gypsum, but the resulting quality was not the best. However, when implementing 3D printing, the quality, smoothness, strength, and details were of these pieces were perfect. With the Raise3D N2, they are able to do small scale production and print a large number of products simultaneously.


« And this is not an advertisement. Raise3D became the 3rd partner in our workshop, but it was only through it that we understood quality and reliable printing. »

From the mannequins and display stands, to the customization of shoes and accessories; Livemaster continues to adopt 3D printing in the thriving doll making industry.

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