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Spare Part Onsite Instant Supply: Innovation Tech LLC.

Mar 13, 2023

For many production owners, the instant supply of spare parts is critical to maintain the continuous yield of a costly production line. However, the spare part specification for major brands products is designed to meet very high standards, which are usually ordered by original manufacturers. Innovation Tech LLC has proven that Raise3D RMF500 printer can rapidly supply high-end automation machine spare parts onsite with guaranteed dimensional accuracy and mechanical performance.


Innovation Tech LLC implements most advanced robotic systems globally with robot arms from ABB, Fanuc and Yaskawa, and serves companies within the automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing industries in addition to many more. At FABTECH 2022 one of Innovation Tech LLC’s displays included an ABB 6-axis paint robot. Its paint gun bracket broke during the exhibition. Innovation Tech LLC didn’t bring any spare parts to the site.


Instead of resorting to a conventional solution, Innovation Tech decided to reach out to a Raise3D service contact who owned a Raise3D RMF500 3D printer, and that happened to be located close by. The logic was that perhaps 3D printing could solve the issue quicker than having to wait for replacement parts to be shipped to their location.

So, together with the contact, within 3 hours, a carbon fiber reinforced PA12 arm replacement had been completed on the RMF500 and installed on the ABB paint robot. As a result, the robot system was able to be up and running again, just as before and without a glitch.


The entire endeavor dispensed the need for any post-processing. Even with the time spent with CAD file preparation and printing setup, the print cycle time totaled around 2 and a half hours. All assembly interfaces on the printed part fit onto the machine perfectly. The motion of the new fiber-reinforced thermoplastic arm was as smooth and steady as the original metal one.


The Raise3D RMF500 is an industrial FFF 3D printer specialized in fiber-reinforced thermoplastics with more than double the printing speed when compared to a professional FFF 3D printer. Its purpose is, among others, to yield customized, strong and ready-to-assembly parts in a short period of time, and push flexible manufacturing forward.


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