RMF500 3D Printer

Flexible Manufacturing Productivity for Composite End-Use-Part Based on FFF Process

Access to Flexible Productivity

The RMF500 is a reliable, precise, and flexible 3D printer that produces high-performance end-use parts with repeatability, making it an excellent option for small batch manufacturing, as well as for other applications.

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High Performance and Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Material

The RMF500 is specialized in printing complex workpieces with a high strength-to-weight ratio in a single job, using fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. Raise3D ensures performance from each filament spool, in addition to continuously expanding material choices.


























Delivering Productivity and Repeatability

Thanks to the RMF500’s FFF technology, this 3D printer features repeatable positioning accuracy, consistent extrusion flow, a high print speed, and a huge build volume. These features enable the RMF500 to deliver large batches or workpieces in a highly efficient manner.

























Distinct Cost-Efficiency among Peers

The RMF500 is designed to achieve the maximum cost-efficiency in terms of material performance vs the process cost. The effective application of material science resulted in the optimization of the system’s design with a much lower energy consumption.



















Build Size: 500 x 500 x 500 mm (Single and Dual Extruder Printing)

Maximum Printing Speed: 300 mm/s

Maximum Heating Bed Temperature: 110℃

Nozzle Type: Silicon Carbide

Extrusion System: IDEX

XY Precision: 1 micron

Z Precision: 0.09765 micron

Extruder Maximum Heating Temperature: 330℃

Print Bed Maximum Heating Temperature: 110℃

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PA12 CF is a Nylon Polyamide 12 (PA12)-based 3D printing filament, reinforced with Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber enhances Nylon’s stiffness, strength, rigidity, shrink ratio, surface quality, and improves its chemical and thermal resistance.

A breakaway support filament specially developed to pair with the PA12 CF resulting in an easy break away and clean overhang surface.

Raise3D Industrial PET CF

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