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Locomarine Networks: 3D Printing Applied to Advanced Maritime Technology

Jun 24, 2024


Since its inception in 2000, Locomarine Networks has been dedicated to pioneering solutions that optimize connectivity and networking aboard vessels. Situated in Zadar, Croatia, they have established themselves as a trusted manufacturer within the marine technology sector, committed to enhancing communication and operational efficiency for maritime enthusiasts worldwide, specializing in crafting innovative network infrastructure devices tailored specifically for the maritime industry, notably for boats and yachts.

Innovative network infrastructure devices with 3D-printed SIM card covers, tailored specifically for the maritime industry.


Unlike many other companies that make use of the long list of advantages of 3D printing, Locomarine does not own its own 3D printers. Instead, they make use of a local partner, 3DPrintaj, that is also a Raise3D reseller. With this arrangement, Locomarine can benefit from 3DPrintaj’s Raise3D Pro3 printer and their expertise with both the printer and the corresponding software, namely ideaMaker and RaiseCloud.

The Raise3D Pro3 3D printer, along with its software suite, ideaMaker and RaiseCloud, is 3DPrintaj’s preferred solution for the small batch production of Locomarine’s SIM card covers.


Using 3D Printing as A Production Process from the Outset

The CEO, Berislav Ortynski, affirms that Locomarine’s preference for 3D printing can be traced to its “notable advantages, including rapid production, cost-effectiveness, and simplified design processes. Additionally, the flexibility of 3D printing enables effortless redesigns as needed,” and “cost-effectiveness, and rapid turnaround times.”

Red 3D-printed SIM cards cover for network infrastructure devices


This is all embodied by the fact that they opt to design new devices with a focus on incorporating 3D-printed parts from the outset. Initially, their devices featured bent aluminium enclosures equipped with slots for SIM cards. However, accessibility posed a significant challenge. With the adoption of 3D-printed SIM card covers, the manipulation of SIM cards has become considerably more convenient and user-friendly.

They have also found batch printing to be a useful asset, with the production of small parts in limited quantities becoming viable thanks to the 3D printing process.

Batch Printing of SIM Card Covers on the Raise3D Pro3 3D Printer


Outsourcing is streamlined with 3D printing

3D printing services are an excellent way for those who wish to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing, especially if they are still inexperienced in this technology. A simple 3D-printable file can be sent to the service and within hours or days, depending on the size and detail of the object to be printed, the client has a physical object a lot quicker than using traditional methods, thanks to the tried trusted turnaround times 3D printing is already well-known for.

3D-Printable File for SIM Card Covers


As mentioned earlier, Locomarine, collaborates with 3DPrintaj. For the material used in the prints, 3DPrintaj’s experts selected PETG material for its exceptional properties that align perfectly with Locomarine’s requirements. PETG stands out as an ideal choice for applications requiring higher temperature resistance and enhanced toughness compared to conventional PLA materials. Primarily utilized for functional purposes, PETG is advantageous for everyday printing and projects requiring substantial material volumes.

3DPrintaj also provides further expertise when it comes to software. Raise3D’s comprehensive software ecosystem offers a slicer in the form of ideaMaker, that can be used by beginners and experts alike, and the management platform that is RaiseCloud. RaiseCloud allows the management of tasks like those requested by Locomarine, to be managed incredibly efficiently, whether in person or remotely with a team of people of varying sizes and locations.

Preparing the 3D-Printable File for SIM Card Covers on Raise3D’s Software ideaMaker



They express utmost satisfaction with the quality of the 3D printed parts. To date, 3DPrintaj has successfully produced two batches, each comprising 100 pieces of SIM slots, further affirming their confidence in the reliability and excellence of the printing process.

Small batch production of 3D-printed SIM card covers, printed with PETG material on the Raise3D Pro3 3D printer.


This case was provided by 3DPrintaj, a Raise3D reseller from Zagreb, Croatia.

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