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Medical 3D Printing Solutions

Affordable, fast, and infinitely customizable, 3D printing offers unprecedented opportunities for personalized patient care. Improve the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures with precisely fabricated surgical tools, prosthetics, patient-specific anatomical models, and more.

Transform Patient Outcomes with 3D Printing

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Swiftly create customized prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices tailored to the specific anatomy of individual patients.

Surgical Research

Design anatomical models using non-invasive medical imaging to aid in surgical planning and medical research.

Disability Aids

Create customized and long-lasting aids such as orthotic supports and adaptive grips for patients with disabilities or limited mobility.

Dentistry & Orthodontics

Produce custom implants, braces, and crowns with rapid turnaround times for improved fit and patient comfort.

Braces & Splints

Design and test braces and splints in order to provide optimal support and alignment for injured or recovering patients.

Medical Instruments

Print low-cost surgical tools, single-use instruments, and other medical equipment with sterile, durable materials.

Your Dedicated Partners in Medical Progress

3D printing technology stands to transform the medical industry as we know it. Raise3D strives to support our partners in medical innovation through:

  • A comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem
  • Support for third-party materials
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Free application consultations

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