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Discover Now! Raise3D ideaMaker 4.3.0 Beta Feature Briefing

Aug 10, 2022

Welcome to the ideaMaker 4.3.0 Beta Feature Briefing!


As always, Raise3D keeps building up slicing capabilities with advanced algorithm and improving experience for seamless workflow.


In this release, ideaMaker is updated with:

  • 38 Improvements, including:
    • 24 slicing settings
    • 10 Per-layer settings
  • 9 bug fixes


Here are a few interesting features that may help your 3D printing application.


No More Elephant Foot

Elephant foot is a common pain point especially for assembly 3D printing purpose. It creates visually insignificant expansion in first layer contour (both outskirt and interior) which is destructive for assembly due to increased tolerance.


It was hard to avoid since users need to tradeoff between first layer bed adhesion and first layer size accuracy. It happens same to ideaMaker user since previous version only enables to change first layer extrusion consistently. While in 4.3.0 Beta, ideaMaker can automatically calculate and adjust actual first layer extrusion area in additional with given compensate value. With ideaMaker 4.3.0 Beta, users now can maintain both first layer adhesion and contour accuracy.

To learn demo video, please click here.


Better, Faster, and Stronger

When slicing .STL with convex features on surface such as embossment, it is usually found unfilled gap below these features. This issue commonly generates printing failure and undermined print part strength. A major reason is non-optimized algorithm applied by some CAD software when exporting .STL file. To tackle such problem, ideaMaker 4.3.0 Beta enables users to fill all gaps within selected size. The benefits are not only delivering better and stronger parts, but also less printing time due to less deceleration during small hole printing.

Slicing preview with unfilled small gap (Left) and one with filled small gap (Right)


To check a full list and detailed instruction of updates, please view ideaMaker.4.3.0 Beta Release Notes.