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Raise3D Launches Pro2 Series and Strives to be a Pioneer of Flexible Manufacturing

Mrz 29, 2018

29th of March 2018 – Raise3D, the designer and manufacturer of 3D printers, announces today the launch of the Pro2 Series, a new line of printers developed with industrial-grade components, to be used in Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

The Pro2 Series are expected to stand out for their accuracy, reliability, easy and fast dual printing, and a wide variety of materials’ compatibility. In appearance, Pro2 Series printers look very similar to the N2 Series, but the two lines of printers are essentially different.

“Even if our N2 printers have been considered among the best for desktop fabrication by Make Magazine and 3D Hubs Community, there was still room for improvement in some features. We carried out a full revision of our N2 series and designed a new printer with the best performance and quality components we could develop or find in the market,” said Raise3D CEO Diogo Quental. “Our determination is to have the best possible FFF 3D printer to achieve our vision of Pioneering for Flexible Manufacturing”.

Raise3D envisions Flexible Manufacturing systems as a relevant step for manufacturers to deal with one of their most difficult challenges: the small batches. With a Flexible Manufacturing system based on Pro2 Series, short runs can be easy to manage and to have a stable and low cost. Besides the batch size, the possibility of easily adapting to changes in the design, in the materials used, in the location of production or the integration with other systems, will allow substantial savings or reach new business opportunities.

By the end of the year, Raise3D will also offer a Service Package, a Print Management Software, customized solutions for Vertical Markets and consulting services to corporate partners who want to get the value of the solutions provided. In the meantime, for companies who still haven’t experienced 3D printing, Raise3D recommends they start buying few units to experiment its potential. After that, Raise3D is available to supporting them finding the best Flexible Manufacturing solution for their case.

The pre-sales of Pro2 Series open today, and the official sales launch will take place on the 25th of April, in Rapid + TCT show, in Texas. The current N1 and N2 series will both continue for now. Raise3D, however, is working on an improved single extruder version of the N2 series.

To learn more about our new products or about Flexible Manufacturing, please visit www.raise3d.com or contact us at inquiry@raise3d.com