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Introducing Ponto Z, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Portugal

June 06, 2023

Ponto Z is based in Viseu, Portugal, and was established in 2014 as a company specializing in a diverse range of services within the 3D sector, with a primary focus on 3D printing.

In 2019, Ponto Z made the strategic decision to incorporate Raise3D into its product portfolio. Consequently, Raise3D swiftly emerged as the top-selling brand in the fused filament fabrication (FFF) category, delivering exceptional printing results and providing comprehensive after-sales support.

Recently, the Forge1 from Raise3D became Ponto Z’s introduction to metal FFF printing.

“Forge1 was designed to prevent (or even eliminate) some of the biggest obstacles related to FFF metal 3D printing.“ They further add, “In addition to the hardware that’s been tailored for this kind of additive manufacturing, “Ideamaker for Metal” not only has perfectly optimized material profiles (316L, 17-4, support layer) but also shrinkage compensation for simple printing, with great finishing and no unpleasant surprises.”

The Forge1 is what powers Raise3D’s “First Metal Print” service, that provides new users who wish to produce 3D metal printed parts with guaranteed results. Ponto Z says, “This solution takes us from the digital model to the final part in an easy, smooth and uncomplicated way.”

Before advising a customer to use metal FFF 3D printing, they make sure that it meets the customer’s needs.

If a customer needs parts with high thermal and mechanical resistance, with complex and intricate geometries (difficult to obtain using traditional methods) and these parts fit within the recommended maximum dimensions, this will be the ideal and most cost-effective solution that can be recommended.

“As with any technology, of course there are some design rules to be followed and limitations to be taken into account, but this is where the „First Metal Print“ service comes in – to help the most inexperienced user to reach the best possible results as quickly as it can get.”

You can find out more about Ponto Z from their website and LinkedIn page.