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How to Clean 3D Printer Axes Rods on the Pro2 Series

Regular maintenance of a Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printer includes lubricating the different axes that allow the build plate to move inside the machine. For the best results, Raise3D recommends using super lube silicone lubricating grease with PTFE on the axes every 3 months. However, if the axis rods become too dry, lubricate the axes more frequently.


Required Tools
-Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE
-No lint, no dust towels


1. Turn the power on. Navigate to the ‘Utilities’ page and press the round ‘DisableMotor’ button located in the top left of the screen.

3D Printer Screen


2. Clean the different axis rods on the 3D printer

•First, wipe off the remaining lube from the X and Y rods (pictured below)

Cleaning 3D Printer Rods


•Then, wipe off the remaining lube from the (4) Z-axis rods and the (2) Z-axis ball screws (pictured below)

3D Printer Axis Rods


3. Apply super lube silicone lubricating grease with PTFE to a rag, and apply it to all the movement rods and screws.


4. Move the extruder gently around to evenly distribute the lube along the X and Y-axis.

How to Move a 3D Printer Extruder


5. Open the ‘Utilities’ tab on the touchscreen. Select ’10mm’ as the movement step, then use the arrows to lower the build plate to the bottom of the printer. Press the Z ‘Home’ button to return the build plate to the top. This should result in the build plate up and down the Z axis. Repeat this several times until the lube is well distributed.

How to Move the Build Plate on a 3D Printer


6. “Home” the build plate, and verify that all motions are working smoothly. If the lube is not properly distributed along the axis, there will be a frictional sound as the plate moves. If this occurs, please return to Step 5.

Close Up of Build Plate on 3D Printer



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