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University of Tokyo Uses 3D Printers for Educational Research

Août 10, 2020

University of Tokyo Uses 3D Printers for Educational Research

What was the reason for adopting 3D printing into the University of Tokyo?

To introduce Raise3D to university labs for use by lab students, professors, and intramural ventures. To set up a lab to allow students and researchers to use the 3D printer because the university did not have an environment where they could use it easily.


What did you do with the Raise3D printer?

It is used for jig making and research, and for making original parts for Plarail (a railway toy) in student circles. Plarail-a long-running series of railroad toys made in Japan in the late 1950s.


Raise3D printer used for jig making and research

Can you tell us about the process from the beginning to the end of the finished product in your case?

After the concept of each research theme, data is created by 3DCAD, and fine adjustments are made while printing. The final product will be compiled into a paper or provided to a company.


Before introducing a 3D printer, what process did you use to manufacture your products, and what are your results?

Before the University of Tokyo introduced a 3D printer into their school, their manufacturing process was done by cutting or by tooling.  Since then, they have seen a dramatic reduction in prototyping costs. And have also built an environment where students and others can easily come into contact with 3D printers.


Have you improved your productivity by introducing Raise3D printers?

For example, the production time was three times faster, labor was reduced by 50%, and costs were saved $100. and so on. Productivity has improved, but I don’t know a clear number because each item is made differently. I think the cost to students has gone down quite a bit.


Can you tell us about the future of 3D printing technology and the use of Raise3D printers?

In the field of modeling, the technical staff of the department will provide friendly and advanced support, and in cooperation with the Japanese 3D printer, we will support the easy adoption of 3D printers as a tool for research and education. In addition, we hope to increase the number of users in many research fields and improve the level of education and research at the University of Tokyo.

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