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How to Unbox the E2 3D Printer

The E2 3D printer is an easy-to-use, durable desktop 3D printer to scale production and add a powerful new manufacturing resource for all your printing needs. Check this manual that will help you to unbox your machine and get ready to use your new 3D printer with easy steps. Don’t forget to contact us through our website in case you have any further questions or need specific help from one of our tech specialists.


1. When receiving your Raise3D E2 Printer, remove the protective package carefully until you can have a clear view of the box and packing straps.

Raise3D E2 Box


2. It is recommended to use protective gloves and a safe knife cutter to start safely removing the packing straps.

Gloves Unboxing the E2

3. Use your knife cutter to cut the protective packing tape from the top side of the box. Try to cut softly to avoid any further damage to the printer inside the package.

Cutting Open Box


4. Grab your hex head wrench that comes with your E2 and have this ready and handy as you will need this during the process of setting up your printer. Next, carefully remove the cardboard around the lid foam. Inside you will see that your 3D printer comes with five different international power cords. Select the proper cable for your service and remove all parts of protective foam.


E2 3D Printer Content in Box


5. Remove all cardboard pieces, the protective plastic, and all the rest of the packaging materials.

Remove Packaging


6. For the next step, it is recommended to have a second person that can help you to safely remove the top of the box. As this is a lid that protects the equipment, by doing this you provide a stable environment for the 3D printer.

Lift Box

7. Look for a clear and safe area where you will place the 3D printer. Then both persons need to lift the 3D printer using the left side handles to safely remove this from the package and release this from the foam protective padding.


Grab 3D Printer


8. Next, carefully place your 3D printer in the clear designated area to continue the setup.

E2 3D Printer


9. When the 3D printer is safe to start operating, open the lid of the printer to carefully remove the X-Axis locks. For this step, make to store the removed locks in a secure place, so in case you need to use them again they can be installed and used in subsequent transportation.

E2 3D Printer X Axis


10. Next, once the X-Axis locks have been removed, you will need to unscrew the two thumbscrews of the Z-Axis locks.


3D Printer Z Locks


11. Ready to start using your Raise3D E2? You are almost there. Now, you need to connect the power cord to the power socket. Then, turn on the switch and start the device, now the printer will enter the boot process. Your Raise3D E2 printer will take about 60 seconds to boot. Wait for the touch screen display to appear with a “Home” window screen. This is the indication that the printer is ready to work.


E2 3D Printer Home Screen


12. Once the main screen appears, access the “Utilities” menu option. Then, select the Z-Axis up arrow until the accessory kit appears to be removed.


E2 3D Printer Utilities Screen



13. Next, open the front door of the device and safely lift the accessory package and carefully remove this from the base of the 3D printer.


Accessory Package


14. Later, you need to open the side door located on one of the sides of the device and set the two filament holders to be placed on the installation points. Grab a spool of Raise3D PLA printing filament and then insert the filament to be installed on the filament holder.


Putting Filaments in a 3D Printer


15. Following, in the direction shown in the picture below, grab one of the ends of the filament and pass this through the guide pipe starting from the bottom and moving to the top. The guided pipe can be pulled put at the same time while pressing the metal quick connector.


Installing 3D Printer Filament


16. Next, to set the temperature of the nozzle, click the “Utilities” menu from the screen and choose the temperature that better match the requirements of the filaments that you are using. Then, click the “Load” button” and the device will start to warm up.


3D Printer Nozzle Settings on Utilities Screen


17. Once the target temperature is reached, click the „Load“ button once again and complete the loading operation according to the instructions that appear on the screen.


Left Extruder Temperature


18. Finally, once the extruder gear starts rotating, place the filament to feed this into the left extruder. When the filament comes out from the left nozzle, press the “OK” button to finalize the operation.

Finalizing Left Extruder Screen




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