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PolyBox™ is a filament storage box that allows you to store materials in their optimum printing environment while still being able to print with them. PolyBox™ features a thermo-hygrometer to monitor your filaments inside the box. The humidity is regulated by large desiccant bags which absorb moisture from the air inside the PolyBox™. The PolyBox™ has been specifically designed for hygroscopic materials such as PolySmooth™, PVA or PolyMide™. The PolyBox™ can house two 1kg spools simultaneously or one 3kg spool and is compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament diameters.

Key Features:


PolyBox™ features 6 filament guide holes and a reversible casing, this means no matter where your extruder feeds from there is an orientation that will suit your 3D printer. PolyBox™ comes with 150cm of filament guide tube to shield your filament from the PolyBox™ to the extruder. Each filament guide hole comes with a rubber plug to seal the PolyBox™ when not in use.

Multiple materials

PolyBox™ can print with two 1kg spools simultaneously perfectly suited to dual extrusion printing or use one 3kg spool for longer prints or industrial users. Cut the 150cm filament guide tube to suit your setup.    

Built in Thermo-Hygrometer

PolyBox™ includes a built in high precision thermo-hygrometer to allow the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox™. The humidity can be maintained below 15% to prevent filament moisture absorption.

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