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Introducing CitoForma, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in the Netherlands

April 20, 2023

Based in Groningen, in the Netherlands, Citoforma is a reseller that has “the knowledge and the solutions in house for Industry, Production, Dental, Education and Care.”


Coming from a background in R&D, it was founded by current CTO, Rolf Meijer. “It never started with a business plan, it arose from my fascination with the application possibilities of 3D technology” he says. In 2017, the move to the consumer market was made under the name FEP Shop. 2021 saw the CitoForma going into the professional/industrial segment of 3D printing. The company has also seen growth on the level of personnel, going from a single person in 2017 to eight in 2023.

CitoForma Group BV currently consists of 3 companies: FEPshop BV, oriented toward the sale of consumer/ 3D Printers, their corresponding materials and more; DistriForma BV, dedicated to wholesale and distribution; and CitoForma BV, active in the Professional and Industrial segment, geared toward advanced 3D printing solutions.


FEPshop’s attitude regarding its service is that of wanting, above all else, happy customers. “We will not compete on price, but we want to deliver the best customer experience.” With a Trustpilot score of 4.6 out of 5, it seems that they are achieving this objective.

Raise3D has just welcomed Citoforma as a reseller, but the latter first heard about the former long before. “We have been watching Raise3D since its first Kickstarter campaign, always liked the products.” And just like Raise3D with its ecosystem, Citoforma also has a more wholistic approach to helping their clients. “In the professional market we don’t sell 3D printers but solutions. We believe a 3D printer is only a part of the solution for (most) professional customers.”

The company’s main focus within 3D printing technology has been on resin printers. But is now expanding to FDM and others. Coming from an R&D background, “we are actively involved and investing in the development of new materials for AM because we believe that advancements in materials will be the greatest enabler of new applications for AM.”

And as for the future? Citoforma are not shy about their ambitions. “[Our objective is] to become a major player in the European additive manufacturing industry.”

Find out more about Citoforma BV and the companies that it is comprised of on their website or LinkedIn page.