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Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic 3D Printing

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is an emerging category of industrial materials that has high-performance properties for high-end industrial application. Combining the benefits of thermoplastics with the mechanical properties of high-strength fibers, fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are expected to evolve in terms of cost-efficiency, performance, and material-driven manufacturing.

In this white paper, Raise3D will guide you to explore the background, potential application, and value capability of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic 3D printing.

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic FFF printing enables:

  • Industrial-grade strength
  • Lighter weight compared to metal and solid polymer
  • Highly desirable properties for automotive and aerospace industries

Raise3D FFF 3D printing opens up a new range of applications for fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, which are equipped with outstanding properties via additive manufacturing