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3D Printing for Education

Raise3D partners with teachers and students at all levels, providing the technology and know-how needed to prepare students for the workplaces of the future.

“I want my students to have that hands-on approach to learning by actually touching the machines. I can see a lot of future jobs that are going to require 3D printing. That’s why I have so many (Raise3D printers) on my campus”

 – Jeff Farr, Engineering and Technology, Foothill High School, Tustin, CA

Hands-On Learning for STEM, Creative Arts, and Career Readiness



Print carbon fiber-reinforced materials with high precision for strong, lightweight robotic parts ideal for advanced competitive robotics teams.

Lab Sciences

Large-scale 3D printing with our Pro3 Plus (print bed of 12” x 12” x 24”) enables life-sized models and custom printed lab equipment.

Art & Architecture

3D printing can bring highly detailed designs to life, including set pieces, costumes, building designs and art installations, allowing students to explore new dimensions of visual expression with a wide variety of materials.

University Research

Rapid prototyping and the ability to create complex, custom fabrications pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries in higher education.


Using Hyper FFF® technology, students can rapidly iterate and refine actual prototypes to test functionality and feasibility of their own designs.

Industrial Careers

Students can learn how to bring a product from concept to design to finished print using professional-grade equipment.

Today’s Students Transform Into Tomorrow’s Professionals

  • Experience professional equipment used in today’s work environments
  • Comprehensive online training for educators and students
  • A free library of instructional resources
  • Lifetime technical support

Success Stories from the Classroom and Beyond

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