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Raise3D at Formnext 2022

Nov 30, 2022

What a week it was at FORMNEXT! Another year, another great opportunity to showcase a diverse range of prints, materials, machines, and technologies. But above all, it was a chance to be with like-minded people who shared our passion for technology and a vision for continuous improvement.

The largest professional additive manufacturing event – Formnext – took place between 15th and 18th of November, in Frankfurt, Germany. Our whole team and partners were there helping to organize the booth, buzzing in anticipation to showcase all of Raise3D’s printing solutions and a breakthrough technology that will change our customers’ businesses for the better.

Here is a quick 2-minute recap for those of you who couldn’t attend the show.


One of the technologies our customers were looking most forward to, and we were thrilled to showcase, was the Hyper FFF™ technology.


A First Look at the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit


Customers have been asking for years how to speed up 3D printing without compromising on the quality. Higher speeds were a challenge for FFF 3D printer users, a challenge which we turned into a goal to achieve.

And we have achieved that very goal, and we are thrilled that, today, all of our Raise3D Pro3 Series printer users now have faster 3D printing technology at their disposal, that will help businesses progress faster, not just at any speed, but at Hyper FFF Speed.

Everyone can now purchase the Upgrade Kit for Pro3 Series with a limited launch price of € 699 instead of € 999 until the end of the year.


The Secret Ingredient for Cost-Effective Metal Printing

Along with the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit, well-deserved attention was paid to our full in-house metal printing solution – MetalFuse.


On day 3 at FORMNEXT, our colleagues shared the best recipe for the optimized production of metal parts with BASF’s metal filament.

Visitors to Raise3D’s booth could see for themselves the Forge1 printing Ultrafuse® 316L live and learn from our experts about the process we use for metal FFF 3D printing.


Reliable, Precise, and Flexible Production of Composite End-Use-Parts

From our industrial solutions, we also showcased the RMF500 and the E2CF 3D printers. While both offer outstanding print quality and reliability with 24/7 production of composite end-use-parts, the RMF500 is ideal for industries that want to move to faster and larger production of composite materials.


Better 3D Printing Experience

Visitors at our booth could also take a closer look at our professional line of FFF 3D printers. These represent the best proposition to start a business with – the E2, Pro2 Series and the Pro3 Series.


What Works Best

We also brought with us a diverse range of materials and 3D printed models, some of them being printed live on the Pro3 Series with the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit installed.


Visitors were able to see and compare the printing processes and results, and they could get in direct contact with our partners for advice on what machines and materials would best fit their professional or industrial needs.


Looking back

All in all, we had a great week at FORMNEXT and we are already looking forward to the next year’s edition.


Thank you to all the visitors who came by our booth at Formnext to look specifically at Raise3D’s solutions and at our new technology. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to share the week with all of you.


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