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Driving Innovation: 30 Printers Empowering PCB Prototyping Services

Aug 31, 2023


On the journey to relentlessly pursue excellence and innovation, advanced electronics manufacturing service companies are continuously exploring the optimal solutions for enhancing production efficiency, ensuring product quality, and reducing production costs. In the current era of maturing 3D printing technology, JLC, a globally renowned electronics manufacturing service provider, has procured a total of 30 Raise3D 3D printers. The implementation of a 3D printing farm not only elevates printing service efficiency and quality for JLC, but also provides its corporate clients with greater opportunities for innovation.


Embracing FFF Technology: JLC’s Move into 3D Printing


Founded in 2006, JLC is an electronics manufacturing service provider headquartered in the city that has nurtured numerous globally renowned technology companies: Shenzhen, China. Globally recognized international enterprises like Huawei, DJI, BYD, and ZTE have emerged from this city. As a significant hub in the global electronics manufacturing industry, Shenzhen boasts a mature and advanced electronics manufacturing supply chain. Within this technological supply chain, JLC plays a crucial role. Providing comprehensive electronics manufacturing services ranging from PCB manufacturing to component sourcing, SMT processing, and PCB assembly, JLC offers electronics manufacturing solutions to clients across various sectors, including consumer electronics, communications, industrial control, and medical devices.

Years of cultivation in the electronics manufacturing service sector have provided JLC with abundant industry experience and confidence, while also garnering trust from their clients. Since 2021, JLC has started expanding into the mechanical industry with 3D printing as their pioneering mechanical project. The project is known as “3WeiHou”.

At the outset, JLC invested in a variety of 3D printing devices, utilizing materials such as nylon and resin to meet initial business demands. While photopolymerization can provide outstanding surface characteristics and high precision, the diverse demands from customers for varying part performance led JLC to step into the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing domain, opening up wider commercial possibilities. This set them apart from their peers in the industry, as many electronics manufacturing service providers were hesitant to adopt FFF 3D printers due to the associated increase in production costs. Using more expensive printers and materials would affect profit margins.


However, for JLC, customer needs have always been their top priority. In order to meet various manufacturing requirements, they have diligently pursued excellence in precision and aesthetics. Consequently, JLC sought FFF 3D printers that would suit their production needs, catering to groups such as small and medium-sized enterprises, electronics engineers, and creators. After researching mainstream FFF 3D printers on the market, JLC ultimately introduced the Raise3D E2 and Raise3D Pro3 models. As of now, JLC has procured a total of 30 Raise3D 3D printers.


Driving Innovation with Raise3D Pro3: Establishing an Efficient 3D Printing Farm


As a flagship product of Raise3D, the Pro3 is a professional dual-extrusion 3D printer. It meets the needs for both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping, with high precision and round-the-clock stable operation. The Pro3 offers a build volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm and incorporates high-quality design elements, including enhanced features and a smart assistant system known as EVE. Equipped with independent modular extruders for dual extrusion, the Pro3 is capable of simultaneous printing with different filaments or colors. The hot end of the Pro3 Series is easy to remove and can be done without using tools, making it simple to replace and maintain.

Moreover, the Pro3 features an airflow management system for improved heat dissipation. An HEPA air filtration system removes toxic particles released during the 3D printing process. Additional features such as automatic bed leveling, a full-metal frame, and a flexible build plate contribute to superior printing outcomes.


It’s worth noting that the Raise3D Pro3 not only excels in printing performance but is also equipped with a camera, enabling operators to remotely monitor the printing status. Additionally, with the assistance of Raise3D’s ecosystem tools ideaMaker and RaiseCloud, the production efficiency of the 3D printing farm is ensured. By integrating the Raise3D Pro3 and E2 into the 3D printing farm, users can achieve high-quality and efficient batch production, catering to manufacturing needs across various fields.


Enhancing 3D Printing Capabilities with Material Compatibility and Process Optimization

The multi-material compatibility of the Raise3D Pro3 and Raise 3D E2 means that there is plenty of flexibility to meet the structural and functional requirements of diverse projects. For JLC, when dealing with complex project requirements, the ability to use various filament types not only reduces costs but also enhances applicability.


In terms of material selection, JLC diligently adheres to the P-D-C-A cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Action) to ensure the suitability and post-application reliability of chosen materials. Starting with PLA material, JLC gradually expanded its range of applications to include ABS, ASA, PC, TPU, and other materials. Presently, due to its exceptional strength, durability, outstanding surface quality, heat resistance, and resistance to chemical corrosion, ABS has become one of JLC’s most frequently used materials.


At the same time, JLC proactively addressed and optimized the inherent limitations of FFF technology, including surface roughness and accuracy errors. To achieve this, they continuously refined printing processes and product delivery standards. JLC holds each 3D printer to rigorous industrial-grade standards, while Raise3D actively supports them by delivering consistent printing results. Time has proven that JLC’s initial daring choices were indeed wise decisions. They introduced the concept of European and American 3D printing farms and significantly improved print quality through centralized management. This shift altered users’ inherent perceptions of FFF technology, enabling them to truly harness the potential of high-performance engineering plastics.


Driving Innovation through 3D Printing

Through collaboration with Raise3D, JLC has achieved innovative breakthroughs in the field of 3D printing technology. The introduction of the Raise3D 3D printing farm not only substantially enhances printing service efficiency and quality for JLC, but also expands their manufacturing capabilities, providing corporate clients with increased opportunities for innovation. By fully harnessing the potential of advanced 3D printing technology, JLC is poised to continually redefine the boundaries of possibility, delivering high-quality, efficient electronics manufacturing solutions to global clients in the ever-evolving modern manufacturing sector. This collaborative process symbolizes a technological leap and reflects the progress of the electronics manufacturing industry. It also underscores Raise3D’s leadership in the field of 3D printing, demonstrated through exceptional technological prowess and reputation.

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