The Software Solution for your Seamless Workflow

The 3D printing software from Raise3D includes ideaMaker, and RaiseCloud. ideaMaker is a 3D model slicer to easily design 3D printing files. ideaMaker connects to ideaMaker Library to share and download different 3D printing models. RaiseCloud is a web-based 3D printing management software that remotely monitors the entire printing production. Connect ideaMaker and RaiseCloud for an efficient work-flow.

Overview of the Seamless Workflow

An Innovating 3D Printing Solution

An innovative and powerful software solution covering the entire 3D printing process

ideaMaker Library

A community for sharing 3D files


A powerful slicing software to quickly and easily prepare 3D printing files


A cloud-based management platform to monitor the 3D printing process

ideaMaker and RaiseCloud Help You Streamline Your Printing Process

Preparing Files

ideaMaker is our model-slicing software. Powerful, easy to use, and designed for everyone.

In addition to its intuitive and rapid file slicing, with ideaMaker you can:

  • Download and Share Print/Model files from ideaMaker Library
  • Create and save personalized settings and templates
  • Optimize Printing Quality and Speed Automatically

Connect & Print

Seamless connectivity within the Raise3D Software Solution is only one click away. Integrate ideaMaker and RaiseCloud to streamline your entire 3D printing workflow.

  • One-Click Upload of Print Files
  • One-Click Connection to your 3D Printers


The RaiseCloud management platform is compatible with most open-source printers to manage, monitor, and process 3D prints anytime and anywhere.

  • Manage print jobs across one or multiple 3D printers
  • Monitor the printing process anytime, anywhere – from your computer or smartphone
  • Customize the workflow for you and your team


Get Access to Model Sharing Community

A library of slicing profiles for you to download and share

  • Slicing Profiles
  • Print Files
  • Model Files

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