Who We Are


As a leading manufacturer of industrial grade 3D printers, Raise3D is dedicated to pioneering flexible manufacturing, which helps our customers improve their competitive advantage through utilizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing.


By consistently delivering high-performance products, services, and solutions, Raise3D strives to exceed customers’ expectations, thus keeping the trust of entrepreneurs, SMEs, and many of the largest brands in the world.

Global Partners

Raise3D is founded on an unwavering dedication to building long-lasting relationships with our end customers, our co-workers, and our global partners. Raise3D has corporate headquarters in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
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Raise3D Network

RAISE3D inspires creativity and ingenuity with innovative 3D printing technology that empowers our customers to build extraordinary things.

At Raise3D we offer professional grade 3D printing solutions at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for innovative companies to accelerate product development, offer customized products on demand and reduce tooling investment.

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Our Support

Serving thousands of users, our Raise3D support staff is knowledgeable, dependable, and easily accessible. Located in-house and available online and over the phone, our team is ready to assist with anything from basic questions to in-depth adjustments. Coupled with machines designed for usability and effortless maintenance, you can be sure that your printer will always be functioning at peak performance.

Our Reach

Raise3D is among the fastest-growing 3D Printing companies. With offices in California, Rotterdam, and Shanghai, along with a global distributive network, Raise3D is paving the way through 3D printing and we guarantee to continue supporting innovation for many years to come.

Our Community

With a focus on machines designed for our users, our forum allows us to interact with our community to design machines with customers purposes in mind. In our thriving online community, customers and our experts communicate, share information, discuss printing, and offer valuable feedback to each other. By using this resource to assist our users and to continue innovating, we couple our strong community ties and our impressive machines in pursuit of becoming the best FFF 3D printer in the world.


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