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Motion Controller Board Firmware Release Notes


Version 0.3.0714 – Jun 17, 2024

  • This firmware version is used with RaiseTouch 1.5.3 and above versions.
  • This firmware update is to match RaiseTouch’s “Anti-Dry Burn” feature, to prevent the nozzle from maintaining temperature while idle. This prevents filament carbonization in the nozzle (which causes jams). (Enable this by visiting “Settings > More Settings > Advanced Settings > “Nozzle Heating Timeout Setting”)


Pro3 Series

Version 1.3.0411 – Nov 16, 2022

  • Fixed the issue that the Hot End Controller Board failed to update.
  • Increase the adaptive baud rate of the Hot End Controller Board to improve communication efficiency.



Version 0.3.1026 – Nov 3, 2021

  • Optimized thermal protection process to reduce false temperature error reports.


Version 0.3.609 – Aug 4, 2021

  • Reduce the risks of random pauses in high-speed printing and short-segment printing with the reduced communication bandwidth between the motion controller board and the touch screen.


Version 0.2.506 – May 11, 2020

  • Fixed the problem that the z-axis is too high for pausing and resuming printing when the nozzle is switched.


Version 0.2.407 – Apr 30, 2020

  • Optimized the filter function of fracturing filament detection to reduce noise alarm.
  • Increased the upper limit protection of heating temperature. When the current temperature exceeds the maximum allowable temperature, it will alarm and lower the temperature.
  • Fixed the problem that the right nozzle is outside the platform when the model is printed against the edge of the platform in Mirror Mode.
  • Fixed the problem that the temperature of the left and right nozzles drops when the printer starts printing in Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode.
  • Fixed the problem that the printing flowrate setting does not take effect on the right nozzle in Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode.


Pro2 Series

Version 0.0.66 – Oct 29, 2018

  • Rewrite junction/jerk algorithm. Optimized planning strategy for better acceleration control.
  • Added basic thermal protection function if the heating speed is lower than 1.8C/s, firmware will throw out an Error. (If running with modified cooling or different fans. heating speed may lower than 1.8C/s).
  • Implemented new USB communication protocol, shifted from single thread protocol to multi process safe protocol, improved USB latency.
  • Implemented basic fast pause/stop function.
  • Enlarged planning buffer size from 16 to 32, to improve performance under random USB communication delay while doing high speed printing with very short segments.


N Series

Version 1.1.6-rev1 – November 2, 2017

  • Add history tracking into thermal runaway function
  • Reimplemented thermal runaway function, added protection while changed by gcode
  • Temperature reporting during heating period fixed
  • Enlarged thermal runaway protection range to fix the thermal error on certain machines
  • Add extruder number while throwing out max or min temperature error to help identify the corresponding thermalcouple
  • Add compile option for single extruder. (uncomment #define DUAL to get dual head version.) In case to avoid the damaged second thermocouple on single head machine to generate an error
  • Modified M112 kill function to implement fast stop feature