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ideaMaker 3.6.0 Beta Release Notes

May 4, 2020

Release notes
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

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New Features

1. Added RaiseCloud support, including the following functions

1.1 Users can log into ideaMaker with a RaiseCloud account to check their account info, dashboard and other information.

You can click the “RaiseCloud” icon on the Menu bar to log into your RaiseCloud account.

RaiseCloud account

If you don’t own a RaiseCloud account. Click the “Sign Up” button to create one.

If you already have a RaiseCloud account, just enter your e-mail and password and click the “Sign In” button to log in.

RaiseCloud account Sign in / Sign Up Screen

After you log into your account, you can check the Storage, Uploading Queue, Dashboard and other information.

RaiseCloud Details


1.2 Gcode files in ideaMaker can be uploaded with one click to RaiseCloud, and you can assign print jobs to your printers.

Upload Gcode files to RaiseCloud.

Option 1: You can click the “Upload to RaiseCloud” button in the menu bar to upload sliced Gcode files to RaiseCloud.

Upload to RaiseCloud Button


Option 2: Click the “Uploading Queue” icon on the left side of the page to upload a local Gcode file to RaiseCloud by clicking the “UPLOAD TO RAISECLOUD” button.

RaiseCloud Uploading Queue


Manage uploaded Gcode files by entering RaiseCloud website.

Option 1: Click the RaiseCloud icon to enter RaiseCloud and start your printing task.

RaiseCloud icon


If you have multiple printers, you can select them and click the “Start Print Now” button to begin your printing task.

Start Print Now Button


If you only have one printer, you just need to click the “Start Print Now” button to initiate your printing task.

Start Print Now


Click the right arrow button to view more slice settings.

slice settings

Option 2: Click the “MANAGE FILES IN RAISECLOUD” button to enter the RaiseCloud page. You can print, view, download or delete Gcode files on this page.




1.3 RaiseCloud and ideaMaker can work together to create a seamless workflow.

You can slice models using ideaMaker, then from there log into RaiseCloud and upload Gcode files. Then click the “MANAGE FILES IN RAISECLOUD” button to enter the RaiseCloud website and click “Print” to start printing. You can monitor the print process in RaiseCloud, as well as also pause, stop or resume printing tasks.





2. The ideaMaker Library function has been added

2.1 You can download the slice template from the ideaMaker Library and import it into ideaMaker.

Option 1: ­

1. Open ideaMaker

2. Go to ideaMaker Library and click the “Add to ideaMaker” button on the page with the profile you want to download.

3. A pop-up interface will appear in ideaMaker so you can then download the slice template.

Click the “Next” button to import the slice template into ideaMaker.

Add to ideaMaker Button

Option 2: Click the “Download File” button to download the slice template to local disk.

Download File Button



3. Added Welcome interface

In the Welcome interface, you can easily view the following information.

ideaMaker Welcome interface


Import Models: Import a .STL, .OBJ, .3MF file.

Open Idea File: Open a .idea file.
Preview Gcode File: Preview a sliced model.

Connect to Raise3D Printer: Connect to Raise3D printer through ideaMaker in the local network.


Recent Files:

Recent Files: View files that have been recently accessed.



Printer Settings: The settings of your Raise3D printer, such as “Nozzle Diameter”, “Build Width”, etc.

Filament Settings: The settings of your filament, such as “Filament Type”, “Brand”, etc.

Manage Template: Edit the slicing template even without importing a model.

Preference: Set language, shortcuts and other settings.


RaiseCloud is a web-based 3D printing platform, through which you can remotely control, monitor and report your team’s entire print process at a glance. You can log onto the platform via PC or mobile phone and monitor your printing tasks in anywhere.

You can click the “Explore” button to see more details.


“ideaMaker Profile Library” is an open library for you get and share any slicing profiles you need.

In addition to the official filament of Raise3D, you can also obtain some third-party filament slice templates.


Click the “Explore” button to see more details.


More Resources:

In this interface, you can also obtain videos, manuals and the latest news. These icons link to Raise3D’s official website or YouTube channel.


Download ideaMaker 3.6.0 Beta