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Raise3D Announces New Strategic Partnership with Würth Additive Group and Henkel Loctite

Jun 28, 2024

Wednesday, June 25th, 2024 – During the Rapid + TCT additive manufacturing event, Würth Additive Group (WAG)—an innovator in digital supply chain solutions and part of the globally leading Würth Group in fasteners, MRO, safety, and physical inventory solutions—announced a strategic partnership with Raise3D, a leading 3D printing hardware and consumables manufacturer, and Henkel, renowned for adhesives and Loctite additive resin materials. This collaboration signifies the start of a customer-focused additive application journey to redefine the manufacturing industry’s approach to 3D printing integration.

Since Würth Additive announced Digital Inventory Services (DIS) at the AMUG Conference in March 2024, they have initiated a new era of inventory management solutions. Würth Additive, Raise3D, and Henkel Loctite’s 3D Teams have strategically synchronized their equipment, inventory platform, and materials, including Loctite’s tested resins. This collaboration has resulted in tailored and simplified product applications for IMS Verhindungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, one of the first DIS beta-users.

This holistic collaboration marks a significant shift from conventional 3D printing partnerships, redefining standard additive manufacturing relationships among OEMs, VARs, product innovators, industrial application engineers, and 3D printing end users. Instead of limiting printing options based on conflicting priorities, these three organizations work together to integrate additive manufacturing for unique customer applications.

Raise3D products will be sold through Würth channels and be directly integrated with Digital Inventory Services, utilizing Loctite’s tested resins for automated workflows and easier quality control. This collaboration focuses on enhancing the end user’s customer experience with productive 3D-printed parts in distributed manufacturing. Würth Additive Group, Raise3D, and Henkel are committed to continuously improving and meeting customer needs, and they plan to include more collaborators in the future.

Always In Stock: Collaborative Commentary


AJ Strandquist, CEO of Würth Additive Group, emphasizes the collaborative commitment to ease of use and access to additive manufacturing: “Raise3D is not just a partner; they are a powerhouse of experience and expertise, prioritizing the end user’s experience. Their printers, operating in an internal service bureau and producing hundreds of thousands of parts, demonstrate their understanding of bringing additive applications into production. Their experience has led to the development of some of the most advanced 3D systems on the market. Integrating our Digital Inventory Services (DIS) IoT Edge Device into their equipment and hardware systems opens up a world of possibilities, giving our customers complete control over their production. With Henkel Loctite’s commitment to meticulously testing their resin materials, we couldn’t be more excited about our collaborative effort to make 3D printing a more successful supply chain solution for early adopters.”


Edward Feng, CEO of Raise3D, comments on the additive collaboration: “Würth Additive is the ideal partner as we look into future growth. Their DIS platform enhances the utility of our products and ensures they meet the application’s needs. As a machine manufacturer and solutions provider, I’m well aware of the complexities of 3D printing. The good news is that we can simplify this complexity through a user-friendly experience and controlled workflows. Combining our core competencies, we prioritize putting the customer first and providing exceptional value to AM users.”


Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Sam Bail, Director of Sales at Henkel Loctite, stated: “We are pleased to be a part of the DIS program with Würth Additive and Raise3D. Developing validated material workflows through this partnership ensures additively manufactured parts meet the customers’ standards transitioning from digital to physical parts.”


Reflecting on the partnership’s future, Strandquist stated: “We are looking forward to working together more collaboratively through this industrial partnership surrounding Digital Inventory Services (DIS) to better serve the customer by adding additives to their digital supply chain solution. Working together between Raise3D and Loctite, we will help bring these applications to use and problem-solve with our customers to keep them always in stock.”


About Raise3D

Raise3D designs and manufactures top-performing 3D printers and additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs. With offices in California, Rotterdam, and Shanghai, Raise3D is an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001-certified company, positioned to be a leader in developing complete solutions using FFF additive manufacturing technology for polymers, composite, and metal materials.


About Würth Additive Group: 

As an integral part of Würth Industry North America (WINA), a $1 billion division of the Würth Group renowned for leading the fastener distribution market, Würth Additive Group stands at the forefront of additive manufacturing innovation. With over 110 locations across North America, WINA is committed to delivering many products and services, including pioneering 3D printing and additive solutions enhanced by Digital Inventory Services. This commitment extends through its global supply chain, offering unparalleled reach and personalized local services.

Würth Additive Group leverages this extensive network to provide industrial-grade 3D printing technologies, materials, and applications. It aims to transform manufacturing processes across critical automotive, aerospace, and healthcare industries. This collaborative effort embodies our dedication to driving innovation, ensuring high-quality product and service delivery, and revolutionizing manufacturing landscapes worldwide.

For more about how Würth Additive Group is shaping the future of manufacturing and to stay updated with our latest advancements, visit wurthadditive.com and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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