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RaiseTouch 1.5.1 with RaiseCloud Release Notes – E2 Only

Mar 30, 2022

Release notes – Exclusively for the E2
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

Download RaiseTouch 1.5.1 with RaiseCloud



New Features

1. Added more camera parameter settings.

View camera parameter settings by visiting “Setting > Camera”.


View the camera’s advanced parameter settings by visiting “Advanced Settings”.


2. An added skip function for sequential printing.

When performing sequential printing, you can choose to skip the print model by viewing the details of the model in the sequential print list.

Note: When printing the next model, double check that the nozzle is clean to prevent printing failure.


3. An optimized RaiseCloud binding method and increased the Verification Code binding method.

(1) Bind the RaiseCloud account by visiting “Setting > More settings > RaiseCloud>Binding the printer with Verification Code“.


4. An added filament template export function.

(1) View filament templates by visiting “Utilities > Filament Loader > Filament Templates“.


(2) Click “Export” to export all filament templates.


(3) Import specified filament templates via a USB drive.

Note: The filament template with the same name will overwrite the local filament template when imported.


5. An added ideaMaker remote connection preemptive login function.

You can enable this feature by visiting “Setting > Machine > More Settings > Privacy and Security > Close old sessions if a new session arrives”.

If a new ideaMaker remote connection is established after this function is enabled, the previous connection session will be closed, and a new session will open.


6. User eXperience Improvement Program.

You can enable this feature by visiting “Settings > Machine > More Settings > Privacy and Security > User eXperience Improvement Program“.
We invite you to join the User eXperience Improvement Program to help us improve our products and services. The program will only collect some service-related data and not your private data. Check the privacy policy for details.


7. An added skip pre-load function.

Skip the pre-load operation before ejection by clicking the “Skip Preload” button on the interface.


8. RaiseCloud China Server.

According to the relevant laws and regulations such as “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, Chinese users need to migrate to Raise3D China Server before they can continue to use RaiseCloud. After migrating your account to Raise3D China, you will get faster access speed, smoother user experience, and more stable data transmission.

We currently only support “Binding the printer with Verification Code” and “Bind with encrypted file”. We do not support binding with account and password.


Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed the N2 motion controller board v1.4.2 update failure.
  2. Fixed the Power Loss Recovery failure in some cases.
  3. Fixed that the calibration result of E2 XY offset value is biased in version 1.4.3.
  4. Fixed the problem that some ideaMaker versions are not compatible with the sequential printing function.
  5. Fixed some displaying problems.
  6. Fixed the problem that RaiseCloud occupies too much bandwidth.


Download RaiseTouch 1.5.1 with RaiseCloud