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Introducing 3DSKAI, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Albania

October 09, 2023

3DSKAI is a specialized company offering a range of cutting-edge technologies for 3D printing and scanning. Their expertise lies in FFF, SLA, and SLS technologies for 3D printing, structured light and 3D laser scanning, as well as photogrammetry for 3D scanning. Throughout the process, they provide valuable guidance to customers, helping them choose the most suitable technology and materials for their specific needs.


From drones to 3D printing

3DSKAI beginnings trace back to its roots as a spin-off from SKAITECH, Albania’s first drone company. Initially seeking parts for their drone manufacturing division, they recognized the potential of 3D printing not only for drones but for a wide array of applications. With recommendations from their partners in Greece, they explored advanced machines capable of printing exotic filaments like Nylon and Nylon CF, leading them to consider the Raise3D E2CF and Raise3D Pro3 models.

As they delved deeper into the realms of 3D Printing, Scanning, and DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), the founders decided to establish Albania’s first 3D printing company. Their goal was “to offer 3D printing services and solutions for industries such as manufacturing, robotics, automotive, consumer, architecture, education, medicine and dental.”


First challenges

The company’s journey began with overcoming challenges related to testing equipment, experimenting with different filaments, and producing objects of various sizes and purposes to ensure top-notch services. As they forged ahead, they assembled a dedicated team of four full-time employees and one external collaborator. The main engineers honed their skills in 3D design software, enabling them to craft custom prototypes and models for clients.

With an eye on expansion, 3DSKAI capitalized on the growing 3D printing market, utilizing a government grant to scale up their operations, equipment, and printing farm. The company’s presence extended into startup and manufacturing communities, where they actively engaged in national and international challenges. Additionally, 3DSKAI collaborated with universities and educational institutions to promote the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.


Regional aims

In line with their philosophy, 3DSKAI aimed to grow regionally in Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, and internationally. Their online 3D printing platform allowed users to conveniently upload and verify their 3D models, obtain price estimates, and place orders for shipping. By maintaining a professional website, the company distinguished itself from hobbyists and freelancers in the 3D printing space.


“We want to accelerate and adopt industry 4.0 technologies such as 3D Printing and 3D Scanning in our market and beyond. We are leaders of our market in Albania, however we want to extend in Kosovo and beyond.”

Apart from this regional aim, 3DSKAI have other ambitions too: “Our goals are to grow our sales in 3D printing services and solutions by having the best clients which are in manufacturing and also grow in the retail side of the business.”

With an upcoming e-store, the company is poised for further growth and success.


You can find out more about 3DSKAI from their website and LinkedIn page.