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Introducing Printworxx, Raise3D’s Sales Partner in Switzerland

June 06, 2023

Daniel Grund, who has been an engineer specializing in micromachining and CAD design for two decades, stumbled upon the world of 3D-printing in 2020. Recognizing its cost-effective and speedy prototyping capabilities compared to CNC series production, he eagerly embraced this new tool.

Among the various 3D-printer options available, Raise3D caught Daniel’s attention due to its exceptional solid mechanical foundation. The first model he acquired was the Raise3D Pro2, which left a lasting impression on him.

As Daniel continued to provide print services to customers spanning different industries, he encountered requests for recommendations on optimal 3D-printers, ranging from prototypes to series production. This demand prompted Daniel to establish Printworxx in February 2023, with a primary focus on building relationships with trusted manufacturers whose products he was familiar with.

While Printworxx is a fledgling company, it benefits from an existing customer base cultivated over years of collaboration. Also, the company’s online shop aims to continually introduce new products of the utmost quality on a monthly basis.

At the heart of Printworxx’s mindset is its customer-focused approach. “Our philosophy is to support people, whether they are professionals or hobbyists, and make a product out of their ideas.” says Daniel. ” The goal is to offer the best products. With qualified support and service we want to let grow a healthy company.”

Looking ahead, Printworxx envisions a future where 3D-printing progresses towards higher speeds without compromising on quality and precision.

“In industry we think automation and autonomy in complex print tasks will change the game. With further new printable materials 3D-printing is one key technique for industries in the future,” Daniel states. “We are ready to be a part of that.”