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Introducing the E2CF

A Professional-Grade Desktop 3D Printer for Fiber-Reinforced Composite

The E2CF is an IDEX 3D printer optimized for 3D printing carbon fiber-reinforced filaments. This desktop 3D printer is excellent for manufacturing, prototyping, and more.

Carbon fiber reinforced filament has low density, high strength, and it is resistant to corrosion, static electricity, and high temperature. It has potential for a wide range of applications within industries that need considerable strength-to-weight ratio in their solutions, such as the aviation industry and the automotive world. The E2CF is durable, user-friendly, and stable while in operation, delivering accurate prints.


Starting at $3,999.00


Nozzles with High Durability

Nozzles with High Durability

The new silicon carbide nozzles have excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity, which will effectively lessen the abrasion the carbon fiber composite filament subjects the nozzle to when printing, making the nozzle more durable.

*Nozzles made of other materials suitable for printing carbon fiber filaments will be launched in the future.

Dual Direct Drive Extrusion System

Dual Direct Drive Extrusion System

The gears are made of high-hardness steel and have been heat-treated for better wear resistance.

With a custom gear tooth profile, filament is firmly held in place to ensure that it does not slip when extruding. The force of the system is enhanced to ensure the stability of printing.

Engineered to 3D Print using Various Fiber-Reinforced Filaments

Engineered to 3D Print using Various Fiber-Reinforced Filaments

The E2CF is compatible with fiber-reinforced PLA/ ABS/ Nylon/ PET/ PPS/ PET GF/ PET Support/ PETG/ ASA/ PC as well as other engineering thermoplastic filaments. In addition, as part of the Raise3D OFP project, we will continue to launch more third-party fiber-reinforced filaments suitable for the E2CF.

  • Raise3D Industrial filaments show excellent rigidity and strength, heat resistance, low warpage, and low water absorption, with an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Suitable to replace metal in the manufacturing of certain lightweight components.
  • Some fiber-reinforced filaments, such as Nylon and PET, exhibit enhanced mechanical properties and dimensional stability after annealing.

Easily Removable Support Filament

Easily Removable Support Filament

  • Creates a stable support structure, provides proper adhesion to printed surfaces and counteracts any tendency to warp.
  • Can be easily removed or broken away from the printed parts.
  • Significantly improves the surface quality of the overhangs and hollows of the printed items.
  • Exhibits a broad compatibility with many high-performance fiber-reinforced composite filaments.
  • More cost-effective compared with water-soluble support material.

Raise3D Filament Dry Box

Raise3D Filament Dry Box

The built-in suspension trays are used to place the filament and allow material to be pulled more smoothly. When closed, they can effectively prevent dust and moisture from affecting the material, for a period of up to 30 days*.

*From Raise3D test data.

ideaMaker Slicing Profiles

ideaMaker Slicing Profiles

The E2CF has slicing profiles that have been repeatedly tested and verified by our engineers in ideaMaker. There is no need to adjust the parameters before printing. Enjoy easy and high-quality printing.

Like other Raise3D products, the E2CF can carry out mass production and intelligent management using ideaMaker as the core software solution.



Carbon fiber composite materials have many applications, including functional prototypes, aerospace, automotive, medical, sports equipment, civil engineering, electronics, and other fields. It also has the further potential for a variety of uses, such as fixtures in a mechanical workshop, prosthetics, and customized bicycle frames.

To get the fiber-reinforced thermoplastic 3D printing white paper, click Here.

Applications - Medical (Prosthetics), Automotive (Spare Parts), Industrial (Filament Pedestal), Aerospace (Flange Shaft)


What features make the E2CF a good desktop 3D printer?


What is IDEX? Why is IDEX important?

What is IDEX? Why is IDEX important?

The E2CF is an IDEX 3D printer. IDEX stands for independent dual extruders meaning the extruders can operate independently of one another along the same axis during printing to perform more advanced functions.

With IDEX, one extruder can remain motionless and off to the side while the second extruder prints the model, minimizing the risk of the nozzle on the motionless extruder interfering with the print job during dual or single extrusion printing.

What are Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode?

What are Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode? Why are these functions important?

IDEX can perform two specialized functions, Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode.

Mirror Mode prints a model and an inverse of that same model at the same time. It is convenient because it saves the effort of creating an additional design file for the inverse model, and it saves the extra time usually spent printing the inverse model separately.

Duplication Mode is synchronized printing, meaning it uses both extruders to print a model and an exact copy of that model at the same time. It can double production capability within the same timeframe.

E2CF Easy Swap Print Heads

What are other convenient features of the E2CF? And why are they important?

Easy Swap Print Heads are a convenient feature of the E2CF. These print heads are easy to remove, making it easy to swap out a print head for another print head. There are a variety of reasons why swapping print heads is necessary, such as using a different print head with a different nozzle.

Any spare Easy Swap Print Heads can easily be prepared with hardened nozzles, and nozzles at different sizes, such as 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8 nozzles to swap in a few steps and get back to printing.

Professional 3D Printer – E2CF

Professional 3D printers, like the E2CF, are quality, user-friendly printers, designed with features to ensure the best possible printing results. For example, the E2CF has a flexible build plate, which allows 3D printed parts to be easily removed, while minimizing potential damage to the part during removal. It is features like the flexible build plate that help make the E2CF a user-friendly and industrial beginner 3D printer for those who wish to gain experience in the area of professional 3D printing.

E2CF Professional 3D printer - High-quality & User-friendly

Bed leveling is the process of confirming that the printing platform is as level as possible. The E2CF has this leveling procedure as an automated function. Auto bed leveling will maintain the distance between the print nozzles and the bed, to create a uniform build area. This improves bed adhesion and allows the extruder to adjust to even the most minor of surface contour changes for better final print quality.

E2CF Professional 3D printer - Auto bed leveling

The E2CF uses a camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process of every print job. This camera operates by connecting to RaiseCloud, allowing users to keep track of every print job remotely and while on the move. This ability to check the 3D printing process gives peace of mind.

E2CF Professional 3D printer - camera monitor


Safety Features


Power Loss Recovery

Either a power outage or a filament outage (when the filament runs out) can cause a print job to be lost if they occur in the middle of the 3D printing process. However, the E2CF has a filament run-out sensor on its extruders to alert when the filament is about to run out and saves the print job. It also has a power loss function to save the printing status in the event of a power outage and can continue printing from the same point when power is restored.



Automatic Detection

Another safety feature of the E2CF is that it can automatically detect when a door is opened and will immediately pause the print.



Improved calibration accuracy

A new auxiliary process was developed specifically for fiber-reinforced materials, to improve nozzle height calibration accuracy, support adhesion, and first layer print performance.

The full metal frame acts as a reliable motion system for smooth movement and precise positioning for higher quality printing

High-quality 3D printing comes from high-quality 3D printers. The E2CF desktop 3D printer uses a full metal frame to create a specific motion system that allows the machine to smoothly glide as it prints. This motion system works with precise positioning to ensure 3D print jobs are as accurate as possible.

The updated HEPA air filtration removes toxic particles released during the 3D printing process.

The E2CF desktop 3D printer has HEPA air filtration to clean the air of any particles (including nano-particles) released during the 3D printing process. The HEPA air filter works effectively in classrooms, offices, and large or small workspaces. The E2CF’s HEPA air filtration operates silently, designed to work quietly in the background of any workspace.

7-inch touch screen for efficiency and monitor the printing process with 3D printing software

This professional 3D printer also features a 7-inch touchscreen, enabling users to interact with the printer directly. The touchscreen also provides on-screen assistance and visual model selections to simplify operating and monitoring the 3D printer and 3D printing process. Finally, as with all Raise3D 3D printers, the E2CF is compatible with ideaMaker, a 3D slicing program, and RaiseCloud, a cloud-based 3D printing management platform.

Raise3D Ecosystem

Pair ideaMaker and RaiseCloud with any of our 3D printers to create a Raise3D ecosystem for the best efficiency when 3D printing.

ideaMaker - free 3D slicing software from Raise3D


ideaMaker is a free 3D slicing software from Raise3D, compatible with Raise3D printers and third-party printers.

RaiseCloud - a cloud-based 3D printing management platform


RaiseCloud is a cloud-based 3D printing management platform capable of remotely monitoring the printing process and organizing print jobs for more efficient 3D printing.

ideaMaker Library

ideaMaker Library

ideaMaker Library provides users with slicing profiles for various filaments, including Raise3D filaments and OFP certified filaments, simplifying the settings of printing parameters for different filaments.

Raise3D Academy

Access Raise3D Academy for step-by-step guides and “how-to” articles, covering topics ranging from setting up and giving maintenance to the 3D printer to performing 3D printing.

Raise3D Support

Contact Raise3D’s Support Center with any questions regarding a specific printer.

E2CF Technical Specifications


Build Volume (W × D × H)

Single Extruder Print: 330 × 240 × 240 mm (13 × 9.4 × 9.4 inch)
Dual Extruder Print: 295 × 240 × 240 mm (11.6 × 9.4 × 9.4 inch)

Machine Size (W × D × H)

607 × 596 × 465 mm (23.9 × 23.5 × 18.3 inch)

Print Technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Print Head System

IDEX Independent Dual Extruders

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

XYZ Step Size

0.78125, 0.78125, 0.078125 micron

Print Head Travel Speed

15–150 mm/s

Build Plate

Flexible Steel Plate with Buildtak

Max Build Plate Temperature


Heated Bed Material


Build Plate Leveling

Mesh-leveling with Flatness Detection

Filament Run-out Sensor


Layer Height


Nozzle Diameter

0.4 mm (Default), 0.6/ 0.8 mm (Available)

Hot End


Max Nozzle Temperature



Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port, Live camera

Noise Emission (Acoustic)

<50 dB(A) when building

Operating Ambient Temperature

15-30ºC, 10-90% RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-25 to +55℃, 10-90% RH non-condensing


HEPA filter with activated charcoal

Net Weight (Raise3D Filament Dry Box not included)

36.6 kg (80.7 lbs)

Gross Weight (Carton Only. Raise3D Filament Dry Box not included)

43.1 kg (95.1 lbs)

Gross Weight (Carton with Pallet. Raise3D Filament Dry Box not included)

50.6 kg (111.6 lbs)


Power Supply Input

100-240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz 230 V @ 2 A

Power Supply Output

24 V DC, 350 W


Material Type

Raise3D Industrial Series: PA12 CF, PA12 CF+, PA12 CF Support, PPA CF, PPA GF, PPA Support, PETG ESD, PET CF, PET GF, PET Support
Raise3D Premium Series: PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, PC

Third Party Material

Supported by Raise3D OFP (Open Filament Program)
Note: For detailed information and slicing profiles of the materials supported by Raise3D OFP, please visit https://www.ideamaker.io/.


Slicing Software


Supported File Types


Supported OS

WINDOWS/ macOS/ Linux

Machine Code Type



User Interface

7-inch Touch Screen


Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Power Loss Recovery


Screen Resolution

1024 × 600

Motion Controller

Atmel ARM Cortex-M4 120 MHz FPU

Logic Controller

NXP ARM Cortex-A9 Quad 1 GHz


1 GB

Onboard Flash

16 GB


Embedded Linux


USB 2.0 × 2, Ethernet × 1