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How to Change a 3D Printer Nozzle on the E2

This manual will show you how to replace the nozzle of your E2 Raise3D device. Follow the easy steps below to have the most of your 3D printer and provide a long-life and durable device.


List of Tools Needed

  • 2mm hex wrench
  • 8mm socket wrench
  • Longnose pliers
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • 3 mm stainless steel feeler gauge



Power On The 3D Printer

1. The first step is to turn on your device.

2. Click “Filament Loader” to unload any filament in the extruder. (If there is no filament inside, you can just skip this process)

E2 Desktop 3D Printer Load Screen


3. Then click the “Utilities” menu and next access the “Move Axes” option. Click on the upper arrow that appears on your screen and shift left the X-axis to a proper height for the following operation. Check the images below to have a reference on this process

E2 Utilities Screen

E2 Desktop 3D Printer

Disable the Motor

3. Click the “Motor Disable” button. Then move the extruder which needs to replace the nozzle to be placed in a central position.
-Note: This tutorial will take the left nozzle replacement as an example


E2 Utilities screen


E2 3D Printer

Loosen the Screws

4. Use your 2mm wrench to loosen the two screws located on the extruder cover. Then take the cover off carefully

Loosen 3D Printer Screws


5. Loosen the clamping screw with the 2mm hex wrench.
-Note: The hotend is extremely hot at this point, please remember to put on the heat resistant gloves

Loosen 3D Printer Clamping Screw


6. Pull out the entire hotend from the extruder.
-Note: Please be careful not to pull apart the cable

Pulling Out Extruder from 3D Printer

Set the Nozzle Temperature

7. Click the “Home” menu and then access the option “Nozzle Temp”. Then set the temperature to be 200℃, then put on the heat resistant gloves, and use the pliers to clean the extruder, and the 3D printer hotend carefully.

Set Nozzle Temperature on 3D Printer

Select Temperature


Managing the Hotend

8. Clamp the 3D printer hot end with the nipper pliers

9. Then loosen the nozzle with the 8mm socket wrench. Note: (Please remember to keep the gloves on during this whole process for your safety. The hotend is made from aluminum, please clamp it with a proper force. Otherwise, it might be out of shape. And do not twist the plier as the throat tube might bend)


Handling 3D Printer Hotend


10. Once you have taken off the old nozzle, set the 3D printer hotend temperature to 0℃. Then wait for this to drop to room temperature. Check the images below to have a guide on this process

Set Nozzle Temperature Screen

Select Temperature


11. Once the hotend has cooled down to room temperature, install the new nozzle back to the hotend

Reinstalling 3D Printer Hotend

Setting Back the Temperature

12. Next, you need to set the hotend temperature back to 200℃. Clamp the hotend with a nipper plier, then tighten the nozzle with an 8mm socket wrench.
Note: The hotend is extremely hot at this point, please remember to put on the heat resistant gloves, and do not overexert in case of gear slip

Setting 3D Printer Hotend back


13. Insert the hotend into the extruder, then tighten the clamping screw to hold the hotend in place

Insert 3D Printer Hotend


14. Install the extruder cover back, and use a 2mm wrench to tighten the two screws on it

Reinstall 3D Printer Extruder Cover

Calibrate the Nozzle

15. After the nozzle been replaced, run the five-step wizard to calibrate the nozzle’s Z probe Offset, it is recommended to adjust the height of the left and right nozzles as well. (For more information please refer to the tutorial: Manual E2 – How to Adjust the Height of Left and Right Nozzle – V1.0). Note: You can find the “Offset Calibrations” at “Settings>Machine>Maintenance>Offset Calibration”

Calibrating Nozzle Screen

Maintenance Tab on E2 3D Printer

Select Offset Calibration on E2 3D Printer

Start Offset Calibration

E2 Calibration Options



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